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Your Promise – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4


It’s been four months since the inception of the counseling sessions and Michael and Jennifer put in their best in redeeming their marriage. They hung out a whole lot, paid each other visits and spent quality time together like newlyweds but Jennifer maintained her stand in staying away from their matrimonial home for the mean time. Jennifer had not set eyes on Michael for a straight week due to his tight schedule and he always sounded stressed out over the phone. She walked into the house on Saturday afternoon intending to give her husband a huge surprise visit. She scanned the initial rooms without Michael in sight and headed to the bedroom hoping to find him there. With a ravishing smile, she paused in front of the door and was about to call out his pet name before turning the knob when she heard voices. She was sure the other voice belonged to a woman but she could not figure out who she was. She pressed her ear to the door so as to get the words clearly in order not to jump into conclusions.

“Don’t even bring love into this. There is only one woman that I am in love with and that’s my wife, so get that stupid thought out of your head,” he barked unable to keep his voice down.

“I am pregnant for God’s sake. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?” she replied with so much frustration.

“I should have known you had it mapped out when you seduced me Mabel. My God! I should have seen it coming,” he replied pacing the room with one hand on his waist and the other rubbing his head.

“Seduce you? How convenient for you to heap the blame on me. It was mutual remember? Michael, I will not get rid of the baby if that’s what you are thinking. You better man up to your responsibility,” Mabel said nonchalantly.

The creak from the door caught their attention temporarily halting the heated argument. Michael was wide eyed to see his wife in tears and knew within himself that he had come to the end of the road all because he yielded to Mabel’s ploy. Jennifer was irate but in control of her emotions. With tears cascading her pretty face, she walked towards Michael managing a smile.

“Thank you so much Michael. Thank you for everything. Congratulations anyway,” she said in a calm manner that surprised not only Michael but herself and made for the door. Michael couldn’t imagine losing his wife and took hold of her hand as he tried to make her understand that it was a onetime mistake, pleading that they fight through it together but got an unexpected slap that briefly knocked the air out of his lungs.

“Forgiving you is not a big deal but this is one hell of a scar that will always remind me of your betrayal. How do you expect me to feel when the child comes around? Don’t tell me you intend to stay away from the life of your own blood. For two years I fought hard to save my marriage with you as a wife beater but what I can’t stand is infidelity. You have just crossed the rubicon Michael and there is no going back,” she stated matter-of-factly casting one final look at them before using the door.

Mabel, who had been tongue-tied all through the saga, brought Michael back to reality by snapping her fingers. “What do we do about the baby now that your wife is no longer in the dark about it?” Mabel asked standing akimbo.

“You bitch!” Michael cursed as he could no longer stomach her attitude and raised his hand in an attempt to slap her but Mabel was swift in getting a hold of his hand in the air with a don’t even try it stare.

“That I still have feelings for you does not give you the right to lay your hands on me. Don’t you ever try it with me. I am not Mabel,” she said and walked away not giving a hoot about how he felt.

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