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Your Promise – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3



Jennifer was chatting excitedly with her pals for life at their rendezvous, totally oblivious of the pair of eyes that seemed to monitor her every move. It’s been three weeks since her mother-in-law whisked her away to her house and assumed the position of her guardian angel. Her mother-in-law made Michael’s effort to see her abortive, stressing on the need for ample time and space for Jennifer to clear her head and decide on whether to continue with the marriage or not. The saga brought them really close in a short space of time. Mrs. Obiora on her part treated her like the daughter she never had and went as far as making her understand that she will never blame her for whatever decision she made as regards her marriage to her son. Jennifer with her mother-in-law’s indomitable spirit and encouragement became more confident and eupeptic, rapidly rediscovering herself.

Unable to restrain himself anymore, he walked over to her booth with an air of confidence and exchanged pleasantries with the ladies before settling himself into the seat that Jennifer occupied.

“Hello Jennifer don’t you remember me?” he asked flashing his sparkling dentition.

Jennifer peered into his face for a while and exclaimed.

“My God! Ethan! I can’t believe this is you. Mehn… it’s so good to see you. When did you get back?” Jennifer replied grinning.

She had met Ethan, a young fresh graduate during an annual fellowship conference in Calabar where he was one of the speakers during her undergraduate days. They had exchanged contacts and became friends before he left the country in pursuance of his masters degree a year later.

“I returned about three months ago. Looking at you from my table, I said to myself that this has to be Jenny or her double. You are still as beautiful as ever,” he said with a million dollar smile.

“Thank you. You are not looking bad yourself,” she replied with a smile.

“I have been searching for you ever since my return. It seems you changed your line. What do you say, we hang for dinner and catch up on old times?” he asked not taking his eyes of her.

“Well I’m married now,” she said waving her left hand to show off her wedding ring and suddenly realized that she forgot her wedding band for the first time in two years. She felt completely embarrassed and tried to lighten things up by promising to have him over for dinner for him to meet her husband. He promised to honour her invitation and left but not before collecting her number.

The ladies didn’t even wait for Ethan to exit the building before probing her on the turn of events.

“Babe, have you finally made up your mind to call it quit with Michael? I mean, leaving the house without your wedding band at such a crucial time speaks volumes,” Sarima stated with a look of concern.

“I don’t how it slipped my mind but I sincerely forgot it,” Jennifer replied rubbing her ring finger.

“That’s the irony of life. Michael has failed to love and appreciate the drop dead beauty he married while other men are drooling over her. Need I mention that he is sooo handsome?” Melody said emphatically while smiling sheepishly.

“Here comes the matchmaker. What makes you think he is drooling over me?” Jennifer asked Melody, trying to look serious.

“Na for my mouth you wan hear say coke black? My sight is still in perfect condition,” she said, swinging her index and middle fingers from side to side in front of her eyes. “Blessed is the lady that will say I do to him. Well, I would have recommended Sarima to him if not for her engagement to Louis,” Melody replied winking at Sarima with a hint of sarcasm.

“Ladies let’s be serious. Sweetheart, have you finally made your decision regarding your marriage?” Sarima asked staring at Jennifer.

“I met with Michael and Pastor Damian briefly last Friday and made it clear that I would only continue with the marriage on the conditions that firstly, he severes ties with Mabel and secondly, that I continue staying at my mother-in-laws’ until the counseling sessions are over. I can’t risk being pummeled again,” Jennifer informed her friends who admired her resolution and further encouraged her.


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