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Your Promise – Season 2 Episode 2

episode 2



Jennifer looked in the direction of the door and was happy that she followed her instincts to have it locked. Michael had

camped in front of her room all night apologizing for going out of control while convincing her to open the door in order to hear him out. From the look of things,

Jennifer was sure he would not go to work and the thought of it troubled her a lot because she figured she needed ample time for herself if she had to survive.


Just when she was about to give up on ever leaving the room, she heard Mrs. Obiora’s voice urging her to open the door. She wondered what her mother in- law had up her sleeves this time. She opened the door to see the face of her mother-in-law

laced with pity and surprise and suddenly started imagining what had gone wrong with her. Mrs. Obiora pulled her along like a

child and examined her properly to see the extent of the damage before proceeding to strike up a conversation with Jennifer.

“I know I have never welcomed you as a member of this family, always making sure that you are seated on a keg of gun powder. I am truly sorry for everything I

have done against you. Jennifer my child please find a place in your heart to forgive me,” she pleaded on her knees.


Taken aback by her sudden change in attitude, Jennifer pulled her up and embraced her as a sign of forgiveness.

“My child I may have been the definition of wickedness but I am definitely not in support of my son’s violent attitude towards you. How could you bear to stay

married to a man whose hobby is to abuse you to the extent of making you lose three

pregnancies?” she paused waiting for Jennifer to say something.

Jennifer realized that her mother-in-law was genuinely concerned and decided to open up but was at loss of what to say to her with tears streaming down her face.

“So it’s true. Here I was blaming you for being childless while my son has been occupied with the task of killing the fetus and you kept me in the dark all this

while. As if that is not enough, he laid his hands on you last night. Jennifer you would not spend another night in this

house until he comes back to his senses. No sane man hits his wife,” she spoke with her voice threatening to raise the roof.

“But how did you find out ma?” Jennifer questioned.

“It means you had no plans of telling me. I would not have known if not for Melody.”

Mrs. Obiora was about to say something when Michael walked in surprised to find his mother discussing with his wife. He

greeted his mother and proceeded to know why she came visiting so early.

“I came to rescue my daughter from the jaws of death. Michael, I am your mother and I know I raised you up properly but never in my life could I imagine that

you made a pact with the devil. How could you beat up your wife to the point of her having a miscarriage?” she thundered.

Michael was totally confused as he looked from his mother to his wife and was at loss of what to say.


“But mum she was not pregnant. I swear she was…” he was still talking when his mother landed him a deafening slap.

“Are you remorseful that you beat her to a sorry state or that you failed to terminate another pregnancy? Despite my excesses,

your father never laid his hands on me, a fact which you can attest to. Michael, I rue the day I had you and I would not leave

this house without Jennifer,” she said angrily.

Michael was flabbergasted at his mum’s new behaviour as she led Jennifer out of the room to their matrimonial room for her to pick some of her personal effects.

Realizing the enormity of the situation, Michael pleaded with Jennifer who did not even look in his direction, only paying

attention to packing her stuff.

His plea to both women fell on deaf ears as he watched them drive out of the premises leaving him in the arms of loneliness.



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