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Your Promise – Season 1 Episode 4




Her mother in law stared at her for what seemed like an eternity from her position on the dining table. Jennifer was sure she

came prepared for what she does best – taunting her. She had become accustomed to her schemes but didn’t trust herself

to condone her hassle this time.


As if on cue, Mrs. Obiora looked at her son and demanded to know if they would ever give her a grandchild. Michael, sensing

what was coming, informed her that they were doing something about it. If Michael thought his response would deter his mother from prying further, he was

mistaken. Turning to Jennifer, she continued, “My daughter did the abortionist do a perfect job when you went in for the procedure? Your constant

miscarriage is a pointer to the fact that your womb has been tampered with or am I wrong?” Mrs. Obiora asked Jennifer with

a smile.

Jennifer could not stomach it anymore and for the first time, she walked out on her straight to the separate room she now

occupied after the incident.

Michael was hysterical and fought pretty hard so as not to sound disrespectful to his mum.

“Mum I’ll appreciate it if you keep your distance from my marriage. I know you care about us having kids but right now

Jennifer and I are going through a difficult phase and I would not want you to mess things up,” he warned as he stormed out of the dining, praying his mother had not put more strain on their relationship. He stood at the door of her room indecisive on the next move to make. Banishing his fear of being rejected, he allowed himself into

the room and sat on the edge of her bed and was about to say something when Jennifer put up her right hand in the air

signaling him not to go ahead with whatever he had in mind. “Please don’t. If you don’t mind, I’ll like to be alone,” she said without even looking him in the eyes.

Michael could hardly find his feet. He looked at the woman he married who was now a shadow of herself and realized that he deserved whatever treatment she

meted out to him.


Sitting across Sarima and Melody in their favourite booth in Spicy Treat restaurant, Jennifer was hesitant in divulging more

information to them. She wished she could boycott the question but was sure her buddies would eventually make her spill it all out. The three friends go way back to their undergraduate days in Unilag where they were labeled “the three Musketeers”

because they were an inseparable pair and upon graduation strengthened their bond all the more. Hence, they could read themselves like a book, seeing right through the façade to the pains. They both

knew Jennifer well enough to know it was worse than they expected but waited patiently for her to spew everything. Her

withdrawal from them spoke volumes making them realize that something was amiss but always met a brick wall whenever they tried to be her confidants.

Sarima observed that she was fidgeting with her hands and wrapped her hands around her for moral support. “It’s okay dear. You know you can always confide in us. How long has this been going on?”

Sarima asked after reassuring her.

“It’s been going on for more than a year,” Jennifer replied with her head bowed. “And you kept it all to yourself? When last did you take a good look at your reflection in the mirror? You have bags under your eyes and you look way older than your actual age. I am highly disappointed in Michael.

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