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Your Promise – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

Your Promise

Your Promise

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Story Title: Your Promise

Episodes: 5

Category: Love and Betrayal

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“Do you remember the promises you made to me before we got married?” Jenny asked not taking her eyes off Michael. Michael could not understand her anymore. He was sure she ought to be furious at him but she was calm all through, which scared the hell out of him, praying within himself that she had not lost her mind. “Michael I am talking to you. Look at me,” she said, making a failed attempt to raise her voice due to the pains resulting from the swelling at the right corner of her mouth. She adjusted her frail body from resting on the wall into a better sitting position on the cold tiles obviously ready to unburden her heart to him no matter how difficult it would be. She was fed up with bottling her misery and pains since her return from the hospital two days ago. Michael wondered how he suddenly became the cause of her anguish. He could not look her in the eyes knowing fully that the pain in there would consume him. “Well, since you have forgotten so soon, I’ll help jog your memory,” she continued.

“This marriage will not pull through and that’s final,” exploded Deaconess Comfort Obiora, Michael’s mother, storming out of the dining hall without batting an eyelid about Jennifer’s feelings. She had made it clear to Michael on several occasions that he the scion and sole heir of the Obiora dynasty cannot marry a girl whose family was way out of their league. And to make matters worse, Jennifer’s father was just a trader that owned a stationery shop. Mrs. Comfort regarded her as a gold digger and an opportunist after guys from stinking rich families with the sole aim of enriching her family. In as much as she was not the type to match make her son with the daughter of a friend or business partner, she was not willing to accept a pauper as her son’s wife.

Jennifer’s feet suddenly became heavy as getting to her feet became a herculean task. Her eyes could not contain the tears anymore as it flowed on its own accord. Michael could not bear to see the harbinger of his joy in an emotional turmoil. He cupped her face with his hands and reassured her of the magnitude of his love for her, making her realize that his mother’s opinion and threats had no bearing to their future together.

“Michael, I can’t do this,” she said as she suddenly pulled away from him.

“What are talking about?” he asked with a look of surprise. He quickly foreshadowed her response and shuddered at the possibility of losing her.

“Michael I can’t marry into a family where I am not welcome. Can’t you see that if we proceed with the marriage your mum will never see me as a member of the family? Mike, let’s just forget about the wedding plans,” Jennifer said with pain in her eyes.

“Look into my eyes and tell me that you’ve been lying to me all this while that we have been together. When did my mother’s opinion suddenly become God’s opinion? Saying I love you is an understatement Jenny, I adore you. I’ll treasure you today, tomorrow and even when we become stricken with age. I promise to be your friend, lover, companion and protector at all times on the condition that you promise to walk with me through life by my side. My love, will you still marry me?” he asked searching her eyes for a favourable answer.

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