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Worst Guy (18+) – Episode 20 [Completed]

It was just as extraordinary the second time she saw it. In the blurry light of the toilet, with him standing close to her, it seemed almost threatening, like a weapon aimed directly at her face. He leaned against the wall near the toilet, caressing himself casually with one hand. “You go give this meat a quick sU-Ck make him go down? So i go return while you go make yourself cool, calm and collected.”
The sensible part of Uju’s mind wailed at her to leave now, but her feet felt like they had been nailed to the floor. She stretched out and took hold of his gigantic J0yst!ck, fondling it with him.

Her hand was so small next to his; between them, they only seemed to cover half its length. “I’ll do it but you have to Pour fast. It needs to be fast,” she heard herself say. Dele nodded and beamed as she lowered the toilet seat and sat down, bringing her face level with his thighs

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Uju started to [email protected] his length with both hands, feeling his J0yst!ck slip through her grip. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked its underneath, from the base to the tip, before opening her mouth as wide as she could. Even so, she felt like she was hardly able to get the crown of Dele’s J0yst!ck into her mouth without scraping it with her teeth. She started to sU-Ck on his first few inches, some of her saliva escaping her tight lips and dripping down his J0yst!ck in thin streams. Her hands slid back and forth over the rest of his J0yst!ck, their path eased by her spit.

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Dele gave a small, happy groan as she sU-Cked him, encouraging her onward. She pulled back for a moment, making a small pop as the head escaped her sU-Cking mouth, and gave him another long lick. He was already discharging a steady stream of pr£cuum; it was hot and slimy on her tongue. She purred quietly as she took him back into her mouth, making Dele bite his lower lip as he held back a m0an. The corners of Uju’s mouth twisted upwards at that; she felt a gush of pride at the fact that she was quickly awe-inspiring this incredible masculine specimen with her abilities.

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“Oh, you sabi am well well,” Dele said. “You don sU-Ck the one wey dey like my own” She shook her head slightly, not wanting to release his powerful J0yst!ck from her mouth. “well, you get sense sha,” he continued. “I know say kelechi sef no reach quarter—we bin see him thing for that party.” She nodded along,

embarrassed as she realized that Kelechi must have been being laughed at behind his back by all Dele’s friends. Dele sq££zed his eyes shut tightly. “You dey ready, smallie?” he asked, his face starting to twist into a smirk.



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