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Winds Of Fate – Season 1 – Episode 7

Doctor Bia sat in the living room with his wife’s younger brother. They had been waiting
for Mr. and Mrs. Ehaekpen for more than fifteen minutes. The House manager, Mrs. Grace, had told them that the couple had just woken up. He knew how exhausted they were the day before. He expected them to stay indoors and rest.
Nosakhare and Etinosa walked into the sitting room. They looked a bit refreshed and visibly tired.

“Good morning doctor,” they chorused.

Doctor Bia and his brother-in-law got up and greeted the couple. They returned to their seats, while the couple sat opposite them.

“I thought you said the nurse will resume this morning,” she looked at the doctor then at the fair young man seated beside him.

He cleared his throat, “Yes, em… this is Omefe Esiri, my wife’s younger brother. He studied Nursing in London and he also has a diploma in


Her dark brows creased in a frown. She caught a glimpse of her husband. His facial expression depicted displeasure. They had both expected

a female nurse.

The doctor cleared his throat again, he could sense their disapproval, “Omefe is very good at his job. He will offer both medical and

psychological help to your daughter.”

Nosakhare and his wife sized up the young man. They felt that a female nurse would have been appropriate.

“Can’t you get us a female nurse?” Etinosa directed her gaze at the doctor.

“I can vouch for Efe. Let him take care of your daughter for a couple of days, if you are not satisfied, I will go out of my way to search for a

female nurse.”

Nosakhare assessed the young man. He looked as old as his first son, “Why didn’t you stay back in London?”

“I worked in different hospitals back in London, but, I decided to come home to give back to my country.”

He snorted and got to his feet, “I am off.”

Doctor Bia and Efe rose.

“Let’s see what the young man can offer.”

“Thank you sir,” the doctor relaxed.

Efe sensed that the middle aged woman was staring at him. He needed the job. Since he returned to the country two years ago, his earnings

were nothing compared to what he earned in London. His sister’s husband had assured him that the Ehaekpen family would pay handsomely.

Mrs. Grace walked in briskly, “Sir, ma, she is awake.”

They all turned around and looked at her.

“She is screaming her lungs out.”

Etinosa panicked. Nosakhare grimaced and glanced at the doctor.

“Where is she?” Efe picked up his small bag and approached the woman.

“Come with me,” they hurried out of the room.

“She will be all right. He will take good care of her,” the doctor assured them.

He relaxed and pecked his wife on the cheek, “See you in the evening.”

She sighed and watched them leave.


Osabohen met her parents taking their dinner when she arrived at the Ehaekpen’s ten bedroom mansion that evening. She chatted with them for a while before leaving for her sister’s bedroom. She met a fair young man attending to her. She was taken aback. Where was the nurse? The man was clad in a white short-sleeve shirt and trousers. He looked like one of the male nurses in the sitcom ‘Grey Anatomy’. He noticed her presence and greeted her. She gave a nod and left the room. She hurried back to the dining and took a seat.

“I thought Doctor Bia was supposed to bring a female nurse,” she looked from one parent to the other.

“Male or female, as long as he or she is a nurse, I am fine with it,” there was a note of finality in his voice.

“If you say so,” she eyed him and caught a glimpse of her mother. She looked weary.

“I didn’t see you in the office today,” Nosakhare took
a long drink.
“I couldn’t lift a finger when I woke up this morning. I needed the day off.”

Her brothers walked into the room. They greeted their parents and stood by the dining.

“Have you both had your dinner?” Etinosa searched their faces.

They nodded in unison.

“Should Mrs. Grace bring you something to eat?”

“No, mum, thanks,” Osarodion took a seat.

“I had dinner with some friends on my way here. I am stuffed,” Osaretin smiled at her.

Mrs. Grace came in, greeted her employers’ children and cleared the table. Efe joined them and informed his new employers that their daughter had been sedated for the night and would soon fall asleep. They thanked him. He said his goodnight and returned to his quarters, a room directly opposite his patient’s room.

“I thought Osayuki’s nurse was supposed to be a woman?” Osaretin sat beside his brother.

“Is it wise to employ a male nurse?” Osarodion looked at both parents.

“My point exactly,” their sister added.

Nosakhare assured his children that the male nurse was highly recommended by their family doctor. They should all concern themselves with their sister’s quick recovery and not the person taking care of her.


She lay on the bed in her pajamas. She had, had her dinner and was waiting for sleep to overtake her. It had been two weeks since the incident at the beach. Her nightmares came every single night. She hoped it would stop soon. Whatever the male nurse sedated her with always calmed and lured her back to sleep. Her dreams were usually centered on the faces of the men that violated her. The torment gnawed at her soul and made it impossible for her to sleep.

Lord Jesus… will I ever get over this bad experience? Heal me Lord. Make me whole again.

Someone knocked. She looked towards the door. The male nurse opened the door, walked in and took a few steps towards the bed.

“You are still awake. I thought I should check up on you.”

She sighed and turned on her side. He folded his hands across his chest. His elder sister’s husband had told him about her condition. He had

treated people like her in the past. Many rape victims lose their minds due to their ugly experiences. Some find it hard to relate with men.

Some became men haters. Others find solace in lesblanism and a great number turned to nymphomaniacs. He prayed that his patient would recover with all her faculties intact. It was a good thing that she was a believer. Her faith in God would help her heal physically, emotionally and psychologically. It would also help her through every challenge she might encounter.

“Good night,” he turned around and saw himself out.

She heard the sound of the door. She sighed again and lay on her back. Efe had been very kind to her. At times, she heard him praying for her. He was always at her side whenever she had nightmares. He would stay in her room until she drifted off to sleep. His presence was comforting. She let out a loud yawn and turned on her tummy. She blinked several times and dozed off.

…to be continued

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  • It’s doesn’t matter if he is a male nurse as long as he is doing the job he is being paid for

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