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Winds Of Fate – Season 1 – Episode 5

Osarodion joined his parents and younger sister in the waiting room. It turned out that he wasn’t the only one in pajamas. His father had a big black coat over his green pajamas. His mother had a red long coat over her blue pajamas. His sister had a blue jean jacket over her pink pajamas. They all looked like attendees for a slumber party.

“Have you seen her?” he sat beside his mother. She shook her head in response. Her eyes were red. She must have been crying. He glanced

at his father. He looked worse. He directed his gaze at his younger sister who was seated behind them, fiddling with her phone.

Osaretin strolled in, in a red tee-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and matching blue boots. He had his phones in one hand and the key to his car in another. He greeted his parents and siblings and sat beside his sister.

Nosakhare raised his head and saw the doctor approaching them. He took a long deep breath.

“Good morning everyone,” doctor Bia addressed them.

“Good morning doctor,” they chorused.

“Osayuki came in a taxi before dawn, Unclad, bruised and… we discovered that she had been molested.”

Etinosa covered her mouth with her right hand, stifling a scream. Tears rolled down her smooth dark face.

“Molested…” Nosakhare repeated. It was hard to believe that something that gruesome could happen to his daughter.

“The extent of the injuries in her private part showed that she had been molested by more than one person.”

“What?!” Osaretin jumped to his feet.

Osabohen felt goose bumps crawling all over her body. She wrapped her arms around herself and tried to block the scary thoughts that

flooded her mind.

“She was able to confirm the s£xual assault before she drifted into unconsciousness.”

“Where did the taxi driver pick her up from?” Osarodion boiled with anger. He hated weaklings who called themselves men, men who took

advantage of women to satisfy their despicable s£xual pervasions.

“He claimed that she stopped him along the roadside, by Bar beach.”

“Bar beach?” Osarodion and Osaretin chorused.

Doctor Bia faced Nosakhare, “I have notified the police. The taxi driver has taken them to the spot he found her. They promised to continue

their investigations from there.”

He pulled his wife into his arms. She started to cry out loud. She felt as if she was going to die. Osabohen stared at her parents with pity.

She couldn’t imagine what they were going through.

“If you are ready, you can all see her now.”

He helped his wife to her feet. They followed the doctor

down the hall. Their children walked behind them with unsteady steps.

The doctor led them into a private room. They found Osayuki covered up with bandages.

Osabohen sat at the bedside. She couldn’t imagine what her sister had been through. She would not wish such a thing on her worst enemy.

She hated rape stories. She felt angry, hurt and helpless all at once. She hoped her sister’s attackers would be caught and brought to justice.

“Thank you for everything,” Nosakhare shook hands with the doctor. Doctor Bia nodded and left the room.

Etinosa sat at the other side of the bed, “Oh God… look at my baby,” she wept.

Nosakhare folded his hands across his chest. He couldn’t hold back the tears again. He let it flow freely. His chest tightened in anguish.

“Those b******s are going to pay. I swear on everything I hold dear, they will pay!” Osarodion seethed.

Osaretin glanced at his elder brother, his anger was infectious.

…to be continued

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