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Winds Of Fate – Season 1 – Episode 4

The ringing of his phone woke him up. He heard his wife hissed. It must have woken her too. He sat up and switched on the bedside lamp. He reached out for the phone which was on the bedside drawer and picked the call.


“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Ehaekpen.”

“Doctor Bia… morning,” he recognized the family doctor’s voice.

“Morning sir, sir, Osayuki is right here with us.”

His heart beat accelerated.

“Sir, she is in a critical condition.”

“What happened to my daughter?”

“Sir, you need to come right away.”

“I am on my way.”

Etinosa sat up and saw the panic on her husband’s face, “What is it?”

He turned to look at her, “Osayuki is in the hospital.”


“Call the driver; we need to get there right away.”

She nodded and fished for her blackberry phone which was under her pillow.

“Call the children too. They need to meet us at the hospital.”

She nodded in agreement. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer.


Osabohen picked up her blackberry phone. It seemed whoever was calling her was desperate to get her attention. She checked the caller’s I.D. It was her mother. She glanced at the wall clock. It was past two. What was so important that couldn’t wait till the sun rose?


“Sabby, you need to meet us at St. Nicholas hospital.”

She sat up. What was going on? Was she ill or worse, did her father fall sick?


She liked it whenever her mum called her ‘Sabby’. It felt like an endearment, “Mum, what is going on?”

“Your sister has been admitted?”


“Do you have any other sister?”

Was her sister sick? Was that why she didn’t show up for the family dinner?

“Your father and I are on our way to hospital. Meet us there.”

She climbed down from the bed. It would take her about fifteen minutes to get to the hospital from her place in Lagos Island. She thought of calling her brothers. Her mother would have called them. She looked around for
her car key. Where did she drop it?

Osaretin got out of bed. He had just received a call from his mother that his younger sister had been admitted into the hospital. He didn’t understand why he should be dragged there as well. Was he a doctor? He flung his wardrobe open. What was he going to wear?

Osayuki, Osayuki, Osayuki. It was always Osayuki.

He hit his fist on the wooden door.

“Ouch!” he held his hand in pain. He could sense it already; it was going to be a very long day.

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