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Winds Of Fate – Season 1 – Episode 13 [Completed]

Osabohen unlocked the front door. She folded her arms across her chest when she saw her parents at the door.

“To what do I owe this grand visit?”

They exchanged glances.

“Speak up.”

It dawned on them that she wasn’t going to allow them in.

“Sabby… we… we made mistakes,” Etinosa stared back at her.

“Yes, you did, big time.”

“We are sorry,” they chorused.

“You are twenty eight years too late,” Osabohen stepped back into her apartment and tried to close the door.

Nosakhare stopped her, “Please forgive us.”

She eyed them. Their mistake had cost her brother five years imprisonment. It cannot be undone.

“We will make up for everything. No matter what it takes, no matter how long,” Etinosa assured her.

She hissed and allowed them in. They walked into the living room and sat on a settee while she sat opposite them.

“You stopped coming to work, you won’t even pick our calls… we haven’t seen you in eight weeks.”

“That is history mum. What is the way forward?”

The couple exchanged glances.

“We have gone to see your brother?” Nosakhare informed her.

“How is he?”

They sighed.

“I will talk to Osarodion. After all, you are still our parents.”

“Thank you,” they got up, “Someone else is here to see you.”

Her puzzled gaze locked on their calm ones, “Who?”

“Be patient,” they found their way out.

Osayuki and Efe came in.

“Oh my goodness,” she crossed her legs, “Here comes the favourite child and her nurse.”

They held hands.


“Don’t call me that! You have no right.”

She swallowed hard, “I didn’t ask to be favoured above my siblings.”

“Like seriously?”

“I had no idea that it had such a negative effect on everyone.”

“I thought you were smart.”

“I am sorry. I am sorry for depriving you of the joy and privileges attached to being the last child in the family.”

She leaned back

on the chair and eyed her.
“Our parents should have dotted on you… not me.”

“It is okay. The damage has been done already,” Osabohen looked away.

“Can we start over… as a family?” Osayuki asked.

“Without Osaretin?”

“He is included.”

“He is in prison.”

“He is still part of us, howbeit from afar.”

“Okay… I will speak to Osarodion and let him know.”

“I will speak for myself,” he came out of his hiding place, “I concur with your plans. I think we can all start over as a family.”

She smiled and squeezed her fiancé by the hand.

“When is the wedding?” Osarodion faced Efe.

“It is in December.”

“That is six weeks away.”


“You can call me Sabby.”

They all started to laugh.

“Will you like to be my maid of honour?”

“Of course.”


“Hope you don’t have a best man,” Osarodion addressed Efe.

“Not really.”

“Tell him to take a rain check. I am your best man.”

They all started to laugh.

Osayuki was very happy that they had been able to sort out their issues and reconciled. God had indeed been faithful.


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