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Wild, Wet And Wonderful (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Wild, Wet and Wonderful

Wild, Wet and Wonderful

Amanda Eyre was not a promiscuous young woman, in fact, she’d only been intimate with a couple of past boyfriends and at 22 she was single, working in a dead end job and concerned about her mother who needed some expensive medical procedures but having no funds to pay for them. That’s why Amanda replied to the most bizarre advertisement she saw in a news magazine.

She was surprised that such an advertisement would be allowed in an American publication but came to the conclusion that someone was not paying attention when it was inserted. It was posted by a man, who claimed to be very rich, and invited young women who believed they could please him sexually for a grand prize of one million dollars and one hundred thousand each for all of the runners up.

Amanda had sent off a set of photographs, including some taken in a tiny bikini, along with some personal details about herself. A few weeks later she received an air ticket for Miami, from there it was on a private plane with 5 other girls destined for a small island in the Caribbean.

Her colleagues, all in their early twenties and incredibly beautiful, didn’t associate with each other during the flight. It was as if they were afraid they might give away their secret methods for giving a man the ultimate f*ck.

When they arrived at the sprawling mansion set amongst the palm trees there was a lot of giggling amongst the bevy of blond and brunette beauties as no doubt they each thought they might be able to please him so much he would ask them to marry him. Amanda kept her distance from the others as the man who had brought them to the island led the way to the house. A rather jolly and rotund housekeeper showed them to their rooms on the second floor and all of them were impressed with the sheer luxury that surrounded them.

Amanda took a relaxing bubble bath and examined her gorgeous perky tits in the mirror wondering if the mysterious billionaire would be turned on by them. The housekeeper had informed them that dinner would be at 8 o’clock and so a few minutes before she wandered downstairs. There was a sumptuous meal laid before them and servants galore but no Mr. Whoever-he-was.

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