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Wild Island Women (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 8]

Wild Island Women

Wild Island Women

When his rich uncle died and left him a chunk of money, Tyler Hartman made his first purchase a small sailboat. It was completely unsuitable for a Pacific crossing and his seamanship was at best mediocre. However, Tyler was stubborn and had the illusion that he could make it to Australia, a country he’d always dreamed of seeing, and perhaps becoming a hero for achieving such an amazing fete.

After several harrowing weeks at sea, where everything that could go wrong, went wrong, he eventually entered a small island group in the South Pacific. He intended to sail to the main island to stock up on supplies but due to a sudden squall he ran for shelter in the nearest lagoon and beached his craft.

This happened to be an island where the men from the rest of the archipelago dumped their wives for nagging and other offenses that violated their macho view of marriage. The day that he arrived there were twelve women on the island, some young, some older, some gorgeous and some not so gorgeous. Their periods of confinement ranged from a couple of days to several weeks. He found out later that some of the women nagged their husbands purposely as living on this little island was a bit of a holiday.

When the storm had abated Tyler staggered into the little collection of huts to be met by a screaming bunch of females. However, they turned out to be very hospitable and soon he was sitting down to a sumptuous banquet hastily put together in his honor. And while he was snacking on roast pig and baked bananas, some of the women donned their ceremonial grass skirts and danced for him.

It was hard to concentrate on eating when a beautiful young woman named Apue, kept shaking her bottom in his face. All of the women paid attention to him but she seemed particularly interested and she was the only one that spoke reasonable English.

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