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Who Love Me Most – Episode 48

The operation on chidi was successful but chidi was till unconscious, he was now in coma for the pass four days now,Mrs Jonathan didn’t stop coming to check on him,she has been crying ever since, Mr Jonathan was on a business trip so he wasn’t around but promises to come back as soon as possible, Amara was much stronger but she lost the pregnancy due to the accident she and chidi had,Mr and Mrs uche heard what happened, they had gone to the hospital to see amara but she refused to see them,she was till hurt for losing the pregnancy and also for the fact that chidi is yet to wake up,she prayed day and night for his quick recovery,as for maxwell he is now in the police cell,his mother has been visiting offen and she has also tryed to bail him but his bail wasn’t granted.

Amara entered inside the room where chidi was with the help of a nurse who support her to walk,she sat down on the chair at the side of chidi bed,chidi was placed on oxygen,she couldn’t hold back her tear when she saw chidi laying hopelessly on the bed,she held his right hand.
Amara :chidi,if you can hear me please open your eyes and look at me,please don’t leave me this way,if anything happens to you i will never forgive myself, i know i am the cause of everything that has happened to you,if only I have listen and believe you from the start when you said you didn’t shoot maxwell, if only I haven’t accepted to date him,if only I didn’t wait so long before leaving him,maybe just maybe things won’t be the way they are now,i am sorry,so sorry chidi for making you pass through this.
The nurse felt pity for her.
Amara :i love you so much even more then my own life,i don’t think i can live without you by my side, please wake up,i need you know,please
She rest her head on the bed crying, the nurse was just looking at her,just then chidi slowly move his finger,he moved it again and this time he opened his eyes,the nurse saw him and shouted.
Nurse :he is awake, he is awake
Amara raise her head,she was so happy and excited, she couldn’t say a word because she was speechless,she held chidi head looking at him,the nurse quickly remove the oxygen from his nose then ran to call the doctor, chidi look at amara with a confused look.
Chidi :where am i
Amara:you are in the hospital
Chidi:what am I doing here,ah…..

He tryed to sat up but he felt a very sharp pain on his back,she too stop him from getting up.
Amara :just relax you can’t stand up now,am so happy you are awake i thought i have lost you.

Everything was now getting to chidi,he now remember everything, he just look at amara who was now smiling, he wanted to speak but he was too wake to do so,the doctor came in later and examine him.
Meanwhile Mr and Mrs uche went with mrs ada Marcus to see maxwell,even after hearing what he did they till felt pity on him,Mr uche was till a little bit angry with him for putting his daughter life at risk but he decided to follow them because of the persuasion from his wife, they all waited for maxwell in a small room,as maxwell arrived Mr ada went and hug him,and ask him how he was feeling knowing fully well that he was not okey,his body has been mess up,he was beating up by his cell mates,he sat on the chair,mrs uche and his mother sat close to him while Mrs uche stood,he refused to sit,his mother was crying.
Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell, why,why did you go that length, trying to kill someone, do you know the implication of what you have done.
Mrs uche :maxwell, what were you thinking, so you would have the heart of killing someone without thinking twice.
Maxwell :am sorry mam, i didn’t know what came over me,i was taken away because of the love i have for amara.

Mr uche got angry at once
Mr uche :don’t you dare use my daughter as an excuse because you almost had her killed too,she was with chidi that faithful day and i was told chidi took the bullet that was might for her,chidi saved her life,is that the way to love.
Maxwell :sir i know you are angry with me but believe me i had no idea she could be with him,it was those foolish boys fault.
Mrs uche :listen to yourself, so you are proud of what you did.
Maxwell :no…
Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell, now what are we going to do.
Maxwell :what about dad.
Mrs ada Marcus :he will be in nigeria soon okey.
Mrs uche :you will be going to court soon,only God knows what will then happen to you.
Mrs ada Marcus :but with a good lawyer he will be out of here.
Mr uche :it like you don’t know who you are dealing with,do you know who’s only son you tryed to kill,he is the top number one richest man in nigeria, do you think they will let you go unpunished just like that,see they will make your life a living hell.
Maxwell was scared,he immediately broke down in tears.
Maxwell :what have I got myself into.
Mr uche :chaiii….you really disappointed me
He angryly walked away
Mrs ada Marcus :don’t worry all will be fine
Just then the police man came
Police :time up
Maxwell :please try to get to amara and chidi,beg they to come see me, please
Mrs ada Marcus :i will
maxwell got up
Mrs uche :take care of yourself okey
Maxwell thanked her and was taken away by the police, mrs uche took mrs ada by the hand,comforted her,they they both left.

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