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Who Is Candy Bleakz?

There is one lady who’s holding it down when it comes to hip-hop music, in the Nigerian industry.

But no one talks about her in the mainstream, and that’s really really gotta change.

The way it is, Candy Bleakz is as big as she can get in the industry. That is, with her unique style of play and — I hate to say this — her being a woman, that’s all you get.

People hail you in certain corners, but after a while, people just don’t freaking care anymore.

The way the industry is wired, it is already hard enough if you’re a woman trying to break into a male-dominated area.

That’s why although there have been a saturation of female artists in the past few years, the top is still all guys.

It’s even worse if you are not a singer, if you’re not singing about how you wanna have sex, or how you’re gonna break a man’s heart.

Or worse, if you are from the streets and continue to claim the streets.

That’s exactly what Candy Bleakz has to face, while working her way to the top in the dog-eat-dog warzone called the music industry.

Who Is Candy Bleakz?

Apparently, not so many people know her.

Candy Bleakz is not just a female rapper. Not like there’s many out there anyway, but I digress. Candy is a lyricist, and her style is as indigenous as they come.

She’s got very smooth street vibes, delivered in Yoruba. The kind that only a select cadre of male rappers can even dare try to compete with.

And as a rapper who is known on the underground, Candy Bleakz has delivered consistently for a couple of years now and obviously, she’s got no plans to stop as of yet.

She came into limelight in 2019, when her hit song with Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile, “Owo Osu” became a problem on the streets.

Since it was a time both Zlatan and Naira had so much influence on the streets, Candy Bleakz rode that momentum and made a hit song.

Between that time and now, she’s nabbed a deal with urban record label, Chocolate City Music, she’s been on Fire On The Mic with Trod, and she’s dropped quite a number of songs.

New Release

About a week ago, she released a single called “Baba Nla” with Teni, a street-hop tune which is a follow-up to her first single of 2021, “Kope.”

To say the very the least, it’s definitely worth checking out. But, so is everything else Candy Bleakz is going to drop in the future.

Do You Think Candy Bleakz Has All It Takes To Be The Next Big Thing On The Streets?

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