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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode Nine

Felicia woke up first, there was no clock to keep record of time, but looking through the window, it was definitely far into the morning.

She turned to her side and saw Sunny still sleeping and breathing peacefully, she watched him sleep, different thoughts running through her mind, one thing was certain, she liked him. He has a listening ear, and seems to be very understanding.

She discarded the thought, what was the point of liking someone whose death was near just like hers?

After about thirty minutes, Sunny woke up also, he looked around him and heaved a sad sigh, he was still where he was. He smiled at Felicia, mouthing a good morning to her, which she replied with a nod and a smile.

They sat in their usual position, waiting for the day’s meal, they were famished.

They kept their eyes fixed on the door but no one came close to the door and there was no sound in the next room where they usually hear Spider and Sniper discuss.

“I don’t think they are going to give us any food today, I don’t know the time, but I think this is afternoon already.” Felicia said aloud, her stomach was already giving sounds.

“Yes, it should be afternoon by now, maybe it is related to last night’s brawl. Let’s just wait and see what happens. I am also hungry, you drained the little energy I had left in me last night.” Sunny added laughing.

“Oh please! I did most of the work, I should be the one complaining here.”

“You are a female, males naturally eat a lot, especially after such exercise, I need strength for another.”

“Eewwwww, who said we are getting another? With the look of things, things are going to change in here today. I mean, there has been no sound since morning, not even the occasional music sound that overshadows all other sounds, or Sniper’s noisy feet”

“Uhmmm, true though, like I said, let’s just wait, we won’t die by not eating today.”


Spider who was bent on dealing with Boss and his colleagues who didn’t support his fight for a better share had gone to the police state to report himself and his colleagues.

If he doesn’t have the money, then no one will spend the money in peace, he would rather stay in jail with them all than move around without doing anything.

Sniper on the other hand had left the house the previous night to stay over at a friend’s place just to give Spider some time to calm down, he didn’t want to be the scapegoat he will vent on.

He checked the time, it was past two pm in the afternoon, he left his friend’s place, he was determined to talk to Spider and make him calm down to avoid the wrath of Boss.

Spider gave the police officers all the details they asked, he lead them to the places they could find Pappy and Wind, they weren’t expecting such action from him.

Pappy and Wind were bundled into the vehicle, and the next place they went to was Boss’ house.

He was about driving out when they arrived. He saw Spider with two police officers coming to him, a part of him wanted to run, but there was no where he could run to, it was an enexpected visit.

Spider pointed at him as the leader, his face showed so much hatred.

Boss looked at him disdainfully, he had underestimated him, how could he turn him in just like that?

The police officers arrested him and lead him to the waiting van, where he was handcuffed to the railings of the van like others.

Spider informed them of the hostages they had, he was ready to lead the police to the house.

Without wasting time, they drove straight to the house, neighbours around came out to watch what was happening, some were in shock to see the men they usually see in their house handcuffed, while others talked about how they have been suspecting the guys of having illegal money.

Two police officers followed Spider into the house, having their guns ready.

They opened the door which wasn’t locked. Sniper heard the door open, he thought it was Spider who had returned from wherever he went to, he came out only to see Spider with the police officers, he was speechless.

Spider had wanted to keep Sniper safe from the whole drama, he didn’t mention his name, neither was he expecting to see him at home, but there he was.

He was arrested immediately too. Sniper looked at Spider and asked him, “guy wetin happen? How this take happen? Wetin you do?”

Spider didn’t bother replying, he went with one of the police officers to the store where Felicia and Sunny were, while the other police officer stayed with a handcuffed Sniper.


Felicia and Sunny heard sounds in the house, they were aware when Sniper returned, but he never came to them, and now they were hearing more voices.

Felicia held on to Sunny like she would stop breathing if she let go of his hand.

The door opened with a force, and she jumped up in fear.

Sunny stood up also when he saw Spider and the police officer, he didn’t know what was happening.

“You are safe now, just calm down and follow me, okay?” The police officer said.

They nodded obediently and stepped out of the room.

This was when they saw the other parts of the house they had been living in, stepping out into the compound, they couldn’t believe they had been living in such a compound which housed other tenants all along.

They followed the police officers to the van, onlookers watched from afar, it was beginning to make sense to them.

The only one left to be arrested was the man who had sourced out the kidnapping job to the gang, the police arranged to get him arrested whenever he comes for his package.

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