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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode Eight

Spider drank a lot of alcohol to calm his raging nerves, he kept thinking of what to do to prove his point and get the money he deserves. He was tired of the high percentage Boss takes in every operation, ragardless of who brings the job. It was always worst when the job comes directly to him, he gives them what he sees as peanut.

Occasionally, he and other members had talked about their displeasure on how they were paid, but none of them had ever been so courageous to voice out their anger. He knew none of them were happy about the money shared, but they all made him look like a fool. He wished there was something he could do to pay them back.


Felicia and Sunny stayed awake even after the whole place became silent, they didn’t want to be caught unaware.

The whole situation had brought them closer that they held on to eachother to keep sane and wait for the next minute which they weren’t sure of.

At midnight when the only sound that could be heard was that of the cool breeze blowing through the high window, Felicia became more relaxed, she knew whatever was coming was going to wait till day break, she was glad they had few hours to think about their life all over.

She placed her head on Sunny’s shoulders and closed her eyes, it was more comfortable than sleeping on the bare floor.

Sunny rested his head on the wall, and kept his hold on Felicia, he dreaded daybreak and wished it will never come.

Felicia could feel his heart thumping faster than the usual, he was apparently scared too and there was nothing they could do about it.

“Yeah, it’s okay to be scared, this is not a gender thing, we are faced with possible death, so I guess it’s my turn to tell you to let it out, we still have tonight, let’s just calm down and live in the moment, okay?” Felicia said to him.

Sunny opened his eyes, he released a deep breath he never knew he was holding. Yes, Felicia was right, worrying won’t save them, it hasn’t saved them all along, living in the moment was all that mattered, the morning will handle itself.

“Thank you, I needed that too.” Sunny replied with a smile hidden in the mild darkness.

There was silence in the room and every other place, Felicia raised her hand to Sunny’s chest which had stopped racing, she used her fingers to trace his chest, moving her hand slowly from one side to the other, she carressed his neck and guided her hand back to his chest.

Her eyes remained closed as her fingers kept going down his chest to his navel.

Sunny felt the soothing touch through his shirt, he didn’t want her to stop, and so he remained calm, letting her do as she pleases with his body.

Felicia brushed her hand over his member, it was already obeying instruction, she didn’t want to bother herself with any other thing, she simply wanted that moment which she might never have again.

She waited for his reaction, probably to stop her, but he didn’t move. She then placed her hand directly on his member which kept gaining strength with each passing second.

She rubbed it through the trouser, she was able to feel the size with her hand, something she had been meaning to do.

Sunny’s breathing increased, she had successful aroused him and her touch on his dick was making his body move on its own.

When he couldn’t hold it anymore, he grabbed her hand which was still on his dick and said to her, “I want it as bad as you do, shall we?”

Felicia didn’t reply, instead she got up and discarded her underwear, but this time, she didn’t give the doggy style. She held his shoulders and slowly made him lay on his back, she helped him pull down his trouser with his under pant, his hard member popped out like a free man from a cage.

Felicia climbed over him and gently slid his dick into her waiting vagina. The feeling was instense for both.

She grinded him in different pace, there was no way she could silence all her moans.

Sunny dipped his hands into her shirt, raised her brassier and fondled her full breast, he loved how it felt. He wished he could suck her, but he didn’t want to swallow excessive sweats and dirt.

Through the night, they changed positions till they were satisfied and exhausted.

It was a night well spent for both of them.

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