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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode Seven

The door opened up at the usual hour when their once in a day meal comes in, looking through the high window, it was either late morning or early afternoon.

Sniper who was always the one to bring the meal stepped in with two plates of rice and two satchet water in a tray. He saw their two preys sitting not so far from each other, from the look of things, they had been discussing.

He observed them for a while and spoke, “nice one, una don finally gree talk? Una two don gree sey na here be your base for now abi? E good like that, I be think sey una two no dey follow each other talk na, this one wey you dey together now, make una roll well, cos you no go get chance talk again for outside.”

He dropped the food on the floor before them, gave them another look before speaking, “as I dey serve you food everyday, na so una money dey increase, your buyer go soon reach Naija, make we clear you comot, chop the food make you no die come waste our effort o.”

He walked out of the room without another word, Sunny and Felicia grabbed the food so fast, they were starving. What was the need to watch the food go cold when they were still going to eat it?

They devoured the small meal and laid on the floor, each man with his own thought.


Outside the room was a bigger space which served as a meeting room for the gang, it was the well furnished sitting room of the two bedroom flat where they house their captives, they had kept Felicia and Sunny in the store.

The two bedroom flat was a separately built quarters at the back of the main story building in the compound. It was hard for anyone to suspect their activities due to their coded way of bringing in captives and keeping the place less congested. The highest number of people they had ever kept in the store at once was three.

To avoid suspicions, Only Sniper and Spider lived in the house, the other gang members lived elsewhere but come around when they needed to meet.

This was one of their meeting days.

The five man gang sat in the living room together, Sniper and Spider who were always the host sat together on one of the double couch.

The other gang members, Wind, Pappy and the one called Boss also sat at different corners of the room, easing the atmosphere with beer and cigarettes.

Boss cleared his throat, looked at the faces of his members and started; “alright guys, na this parole take time pass, we suppose don clear the package, carry another one, but Pappy client just dey do anyhow. I hear sey he go reach next tomorrow, so we go soon collect balance.”

He paused to see their reactions, but they all kept quiet, listening to his words.

“I know sey una eyes don red, na money you want. I wan make we share the money when balance reach before, but as e be now, make things dey okay, we go share the one wey dey ground, make everyone use that one take hold body before balance go land.”

“Yes ooo!!!” Sniper shouted excitedly, raising his bottle of beer up.

“Na so, na so Boss, na now we dey talk, mouth don dry ahswear!” Wind added

Spider looked at Wind, he hissed and spoke in a controlled anger, “which mouth dry? You don ever drop money for feeding these package? You dey go club, dey drive around, we dey here dey monitor something like sey na only we go spend the money, you no suppose talk anything at all.”

“Alaye calm down! Wetin dey do you sef? Na Only you dey live for here? Sniper no follow you dey monitor? This house wey you dey, na your papa collect am give you? No be all of us gather rent am for this thing? You don dey do anyhow too much like sey you get three heads o, guy no be only you need money!”

Spider looked towards Pappy who just spoke, he became more infuriated, he stamped his bottle on the table in annoyance and faced him, “you sef get mouth talk? Which time you join this group? As you don bring job now, you dey feel like sey you fit talk to me anyhow? The useless client wey you bring go pay for extra charges? Na your papa dey monitor those package as them dey use toilet? You sabi how many days dem don spend inside that room wey dem no bath dey give person yeye smell? Na you dey give dem food? If you vex me pass as you don vex me now, I go show you sey we no be mate for this game!”

Pappy opened his mouth to talk back, but was silenced by Boss who raised his hand to stop further argument.

Boss relaxed on the sofa and fixed his eyes on Spider, he gave a sarcastic laugh and started, “bravo! So na my front una two dey flex muscle? I dey here you dey raise una voice? How many times you dey give dem food wey you no let us hear word? You dey wash dem yansh? If I talk sey na one month dem go use for here, wetin you go do? As dem dey here like this, you wan tell me sey you never comot for this house na dem you dey watch every second? You dey here dey shout ontop house, the cab wey we dey use dey carry these people, na you dey drive am? Everybody get him duty inside this game. Next time, if you yarn okoto for my face, I go treat your fuck up big time.”

Spider had so much to say, but he knew better than making a sound. He was infuriated the more by Boss’ judgement, he murmured an apology and kept his face stern.


Sunny and Felicia heard voices outside the room, at first they were scared, they had never heard numerous voices at a time since they have been there, it was always that of Sniper and Spider, or random music which confuses them more of where they really are.

They held each other’s hands, expecting the worst, Felicia had thought their buyer had finally arrived to take them away, she kept staring at the door for when they will be summoned out of the room.

But as the voices raised, they listened closely and were able to pick out some of their words, it was an argument between familiar people.

They kept their cool and tried to pick more of the discussion.


The argument got hotter when Boss shared the available money, Spider wasn’t having it, he voiced his displeasure questioning why the money was shared in such manner which didn’t favour him as he had wanted. Sniper tried calming him down, but he was too angry to listen.

Boss watched him rant, he stood up and said to him, “I share money, you dey shout. Look me wella, I no go give you shishi again, make I see wetin you go do.” He took a last gulp of his drink, gave Spider one last look and walked out of the room. He was closely followed by Pappy and Wind.

Spider started breaking the bottles to show his anger. Sniper walked out of the house to give him room to calm down, he knew how terrible his temper was, and until he calms down himself, nobody can talk to him.


Felicia became very scared, the noise was much and the bottle breaking was getting her nervous, her heart was beating so fast, she didn’t know what to expect.

Sunny was also scared, but he needed to be a man regardless of what happens. He pulled Felicia closer to himself assuring her they will be alright.

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