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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode Six

Morning came by, but Felicia was too shy to open her eyes after the previous night ordeal. They haven’t spoken to each other after the whole action, and looking at him now was making her feel nervous.

Sunny had picked up a piece of paper from the room to clean the spot he released. He felt better than previous days, he saw Felicia pretend to still be asleep, he had expected such reaction.

He didn’t want her to feel so awkward with her self, after keeping the paper at another corner of the room, he went to her side and sat opposite her watching her eyes blink even as she had it closed.

“Just get up already Felicia, you are not sleeping, I know you are feeling somehow about last night, you must be thinking you gave yourself cheaply or I will see you as a slut or something. But I don’t have such thought at all, in fact, I respect your boldness, and I need to thank you for coming through for me, everything seems crazy, I know right? But it is what it is and I loved every bit of that moment.”

Felicia still had her eyes shut, she kept wondering if she was in her right senses to have allowed such, but his words were all she needed to hear to get through the remaining days she will be there with him, she definitely can’t keep her eyes shut forever.

She summoned the courage and sat up, she glanced briefly at Sunny who remained seated opposite her and giving her a warm smile.

“Yeah, I feel akward I’m sorry, but I’ll get over it, I – I – I most definitely will come around. It’s just that I’ve never had sex with a random guy before.”

“There is always a first time, but, am I really a random guy? Hey! We’ve been in here together for days right? And we have been communicating, so I think I have upgraded from being a random guy, don’t you think so too?” Sunny asked, laughing to ease the atmosphere.

Felicia looked at him again, he has a lovely smile, unfortunately his teeth was stained with the accumulated food shafts, nevertheless, it didn’t hide his good dentition.

“That’s right, and who knows how many days we will still be stuck up here like abandoned refugee?”

“Oh dear! I don’t want to think about it really, I just had to stop myself from worrying over how my family will be fairing not hearing from me for days. Maybe they have gone to the station to report, maybe there is a search going on. One thing I’m sure of his my mom going to church more and praying that I should be found, she is my major concern.”

Felicia gave a sad smile, “you are lucky to have a mother that cares so much, that’s great.”

“Yeah, you can say that again, but what do you mean? Sorry to probe into your personal life but, do you have issues with your mom?” Sunny asked with his brow slightly raised.

“Not really, actually, I lost my mom when I was five years old. She died in labour, thankfully, the child survived. So I have a younger brother. I have a step mother too, so you know how some step mothers can be right? She can be a pain in the ass.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry about that.”

“It’s alright, I’m over it, though I sometimes wish she was alive, you know, I wished she was here. I didn’t have much memory of her, I was too young.”

“That’s sad, but I’m certain your dad will be worried about your absence, even if your step mom is indifferent about it.”

Felicia scoffed, she looked sideways in a flash, and replied, “my dad, yeah, maybe when he doesn’t see my call after a month and decides to check if his girl is still alive”

She gave a weak laugh and continued, “my dad remarried when I was eight years old, he mourned my mom for three years, but like he told me then, he had to remarry so that we would have the care of a mother, he needed to work and he couldn’t leave us all to ourselves or to our neighbours everytime, so he married my step mom, she was nice to us initially, I don’t know what brought the change, but she changed towards us when she had her first child who is a boy, I don’t like thinking about all I had to endure in her hands as a child for myself and my brother, I guess it moulded me to be strong.”

She paused for a while, gathering her thoughts. Sunny kept mute, waiting for her to continue.

“She has a way of controlling my dad’s actions, he believes whatever she says, and I was the devil. But I survived it, I protected my brother with my life, he was my best friend, he still is anyway. He is my major concern right now, he must be dead worried about me.”

“I can’t imagine” Sunny interjected.

“So, as for my dad? We talk when we need to, he is still my father and there is nothing I can do about that. I started staying alone since I clocked 21, that was when I gained admission, and since then, I’ve been on my own, dad sends money for tuition, he never fails to do that, just that the bond is missing. I do a lot of jobs that brings legit money, but I major in catering and evernt decoration, and I also sell imported wears. I was going for a delivery when I boarded that ill-fated cab.

When I talk about family who would be worried about my absence, I am talking about my brother and my close friends, they are my family. Thinking about them right now breaks my heart, I am worried about my brother.” Felicia had tears drop from her eyes, she wiped it off again, she was tired of crying.

Sunny went to her side, without saying a word, he pulled her to himself with his hand across her shoulder, he felt pity for her, with the little she let out, she had indeed been through a lot. He allowed her rest her head on his shoulder while he rocked her.

“Cry if you need to, if it will make you feel at ease, it’s okay to cry. I don’t know what to say to make you feel better, neither do I have a special power to take us out of here, all I can say is, we will be alright. If God still need us out there in that tough world, we will be out.”

Felicia allowed the tears flow without saying anything, she felt comforted.

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