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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode Five

Felicia looked out of the small window above, it was apparently night.

She was becoming skeptical about her suggestion, what if he had a kind of disease? What he has HIV? What if the sweat he had on his body gives her germs? What if they were caught in the act?

Sunny was still on the floor, scared to make a first move, he was waiting for Felicia to say something, if she doesn’t, he would help himself.

Felicia gave it one last thought, she had suggested it, she wouldn’t back out from this crazy experience.


Sunny sat up immediately he heard his name, his body was overly ready, he looked at Felicia, “can we do it now?”

Felicia nodded her head, she had her fears, but she was ready to give it a try.

Sunny got up from his side of the room and walked towards her, even in the dark room with reflection from the moon, his erect manhood was still very visible to Felicia. She silently wondered how big he was, and if she was capable of handling the situation.

Sunny sat beside her, he was a lover of foreplay, but the situation they were in wouldn’t permit that, how would they kiss with stinky mouth? He surely can’t kiss her all over knowing fully well they’ve not had their bath in days.

He didn’t want to think about the odour her privates might have, that would discourage him from doing anything.

“Okay, let’s get done with it as soon as we can, we don’t want them to see us doing this.” Felicia said, stopping her heart from racing.

“Sure, and no talking please, we both have bad breath right now, we’ll just get down to the business without talking, okay?” Sunny added, turning his head away to avoid speaking directly to her face.

Felicia gave a short laugh, of course, even her own breath stinks to her, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She got up and pulled down her underwear, tossed it to a side, she was glad there was no light to see how the pant lining had become, she raised her skirt to her tummy, knelt, and placed her hands on the floor, giving a doggy position.

Sunny got the memo, it was a better way, it would save them from breathing into each other.

He balanced himself on his knee, pulled down his trouser together with his under pant, his dick was stone hard and ready for action.

He guided his dick with his right hand while holding her buttocks with the other hand, no doubt, she was really blessed with succulent big ass. He momentarily wished there was light to see the view properly.

Felicia was already wet as he carressed her ass, she was eagerly waiting for the main action.

Slowly, Sunny found the hole he was searching for, it was wet and calling. He nodded his head in satisfaction, the ride would be smooth.

He closed his eyes as his dick went into her pussy, he wasn’t expecting her to be so tight, the pleasure made him close his eyes and let out a muffled moan. He grabbed her ass with both hands and began to grind in a slow pace.

Felicia wanted to moan out loud, his dick had touched every wall in her pussy and was giving her an unexplainable pleasure.

No matter how hard she tried to hold it, subdued sounds still escaped her lips.

Sunny started interchanging from slow to fast pace, he felt like he was in heaven. He badly wanted to turn her over and ride her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that.

He heard her make sounds, he didn’t know if it was of pleasure or pain due to his size compared to her tight private, he decided not to think about it and enjoy it while it last.

Felicia maintained her position and allowed him do the whole work, he was loving it, and so was she, that was all that mattered.

The more he thrusted into her, the more he wanted to go deeper, he held her tight and kept pumping. He felt her pussy wall get tighter around his dick, and liquid wetting his dick the more, he knew that sign, she was getting close to orgasm, he felt satisfied that he got her to that level.

Felicia let out a loud moan which she quickly swallowed to avoid calling attention. Her body was beginning to move on its own.

Her moan triggered every part of Sunny’s body, and he felt the usual rush from his body to his dick, he was going to cum.

His grip got tighter, he shut his eyes, and said between clenched teeth “I’m cumming” a part of him wanted to release in her, but he knew better than doing that.

He pulled out of her and used his hand to hold his dick while he watch the fluid pour on the floor.

Felicia felt her pussy hole give way and fluids came out, this was her second time of experiencing such since she has been having sex, she loved it.

Sunny sat on the floor panting, he was relieved.

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