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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode Four

“Guy, which time una client wan come clear these people for we den na? That guy don dey use number five day inside this place o, your client go pay for the food wey he don chop? The girl sef don dey chop day three food, inside which account we go put that one?”

“Spider, you go need calm down big time o, I don tell you sey the man wey talk sey make we arrange this parole na big man, na milla he go pay us o, the thing be sey, right now, he no dey inside country, na the day we carry the girl he commot for country, na why he never show, but he don talk sey he no go tey sha. Mah shock you? He talk sey he go add jara put for the money, so chillax ehn”

Spider looked at his colleague as he spoke, he was tired of watching over two people and waiting for money he already had plans on.

The said money was indeed in millions, and that was why they never bothered to contact their preys family for any money, there was no need for that. All they needed to do was to kidnap people and sell to anyone in need of them.

He silently wondered how they will share the money, hoping the leader doesn’t end up taking the bulk of the money as he had always done, he needed the money so much and wouldn’t want anyone cheating him this time around, especially as he was doing most of the watching over and keeping the hostages.

He nodded his head at his partner after a long silence, “we go wait” he puffed the smoke from his cigarette into the air, lost in thought.


“What do you mean?” Felicia asked, with confusion written all over her face.

In the last 24hours, she had noticed how very restless Sunny had become, he rotated from standing to lying on the floor. Their discussion had reduced just because he was trying to keep himself in check.

“I mean, I am horny, I am an addict, yes I know this is crazy, how can I be getting aroused in a place like this? But the last time I had sex was a week ago, I had plans for the weekend before I was kidnapped, and here I am. Stuck!” He responded, wiping off the sweat that had formed at his temple.

Felicia became speechless, what was she meant to say to him in such situation? Aside the offensive odour that was already emanating from his body due to days of not bathing or cleaning up except when they need to use the toilet, Sunny was obviously a good looking young man.

On a normal day, he wasn’t someone that can be easily ignored by a lady, he definitely has charms.

But the case was different here, they were captives, locked up in a room where they only get to move out when pressed and needed to use the toilet which was right next to the room, still with the guide of one of the guys, holding a gun in sight.

She replayed his words in her head, it sounded funny to her, and she laughed.

“I know right? I’m crazy. I am only telling you so that you won’t feel so awkward when I self service myself, at least you will know before hand and turn your face elsewhere.” Sunny responded without an iota of shame.

“What?! You’ll do that in my presence? Come on!”

“I won’t make a sound, don’t worry, just face the wall. You don’t have a choice though, we are in this room together, and we’ll need to tolerate eachother till they are ready to do whatever with us. Don’t say any other word about it, just let me do my thing.”

Felicia shook her head in surprise, he sounded so much like her ex, her ex was always very bold and open when talking about sex. Talking about sex, it’s been months she last had it, she had been too occupied to worry about it, especially as she was still healing from a broken relationship.

She thought about it some more, there was nothing so bad in a little escapade is there?

She smiled at herself and faced Sunny who was already lying on the floor with his face to the wall.

“Let’s do it together, that will be better than doing it alone, don’t you think?”

Sunny opened his eyes in a flash, did he actually heard that right? He turned to look at the one who had spoken, “you said what?”

“Yeah, you heard me, it’s been a while I had sex, let’s do it, who knows? We might not have the chance again.”

Sunny sprang up to a sitting position, trying to contain his excitement and surprise, “are you for real? I mean, do you know what you are saying?”

“You are beginning to make me feel awkward, I suggested it, we’ll do it at night. Let’s not talk about it until then.” Felicia responded, amazed at herself for making such suggestion.

Sunny nodded his head, still not believing what he heard, he decided to wait till night and see what will happen. He laid back on the floor, wishing night falls on time.

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