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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode Three

“Na your food be this, chop am make you no die for his before una buyer go come. Una dead body no dey useful.”

Felicia looked at the young man talking to her, he had brought two plates of beans and two satchet water to her and her inmate whom she had come to know by the name Sunny.

It was her second day in the room, she felt so uncomfortable with herself, her mouth stinks, and her body itched from the sweat it had accumulated, how will she be able to eat in such condition?

“I need to bath, I haven’t brushed my teeth, I can’t eat this as I am, please.”

The guy looked down at her, and instead of replying her request, he held his stomach and laughed so loud.

Felicia gazed at him confused, she looked towards Sunny who had his head bent, with his own plate of food by his side, she looked back at the laughing guy, and suddenly, the door sprung opened.

“Sniper, wetin happen? Wetin dey make you shine teeth like mumu inside here?”

Sniper looked at his colleague who had just entered the room, he laughed some more, while trying to speak in between, he faced Felicia and spoke;

“That thing wey you talk just now, oya talk am again, na this my friend go fit help you.”

Felicia sighed in frustration and repeated her words, “I said I can’t eat without brushing my teeth or bathing, I feel terrible.”

Before she could finish her statement, Sniper held his colleague’s shoulder and continued laughing, “my guy, una no go help our guest find jacuzzi? We go need treat am special o, na sharwarma we go serve am join.”

Felicia saw the other guy commence his own laughing spree too, he assessed her with his eyes which made her feel more uncomfortable.

“No be only bath you go bath, you go swim join, if you sabi wetin good for you, chop that food before we come back.” The new guy replied, laughing and excusing himself from the room.

Sniper followed behind, shut the door and locked it.

“Sunny, what’s wrong with them?”

Sunny looked up at her and scoffed, “the question should be, what’s wrong with you? Do you think this place is a hotel? Seems you do not understand the meaning of being kidnapped do you? If you do, you won’t make such request.”

“By the way, -he continued-, it is better you eat that food on time, we are not getting another meal, and if they come here and meet the plate still full, they won’t spare you, they will beat you up and make you eat it, so just eat it.”

Felicia looked down at the food in the plate, it was obviously not properly cooked. She wiped her face with the back of her palm, resting her head on the wall again.

Sunny was right, there was no point crying, all the tears she had shed since her abduction had not helped in any way. She looked towards Sunny, he had started eating the watery beans slowly without looking at her.

She let out an exasperated sigh, and started eating her food also, even if she was going to be free, she needed strength to keep the hope alive.

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