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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode Two

It was dark when she opened her eyes to find herself in a dimly lit small room sprawled on the floor.

She opened her eyes slowly, trying to figure out where she was, it wasn’t familiar.

She tried sitting up, and a sharp pain rushed from her leg to her head, making her squirm.

The event of the day came rushing back, she had left home in the morning for an important appointment, and there were many other places she was supposed to go to as well.

She remembered waiting for cabs, before boarding the cab she had thought was her saving grace, she replayed the scenario in the cab in her head, the last thing she remembered was a sharp pain on her thigh.

“Oh my God! I have been kidnapped! Oh my goodness! I am in trouble”

Tears rolled down her cheeks when the realization of what had happened dawned on her. Her handbag, the package she was going to deliver and phones were no were in sight.

She curled up to a corner, crying her eyes out and looking around the room which appears like a specially built room for storage.

The small window which was high up the wall was opened for ventilation, there was a burglary by the window, and the door was apparently locked too.

Her eyes kept roaming round the room, till it rested on a figure at another corner of the room.

“Jesus!!!” She screamed at the sight of the young man who had been looking at her since she woke up without she realizing she wasn’t alone in the room.

“Who-who are you? H-ho-how did you get there? You weren’t th-th-there be-fore, h-how-how did you enter?” She asked, pressing harder at the wall like it was her escape route

“I was here before you, I’ve been here for two days” he replied slowly keeping the eye contact

“You mean you were here when I woke up? That’s not true, you weren’t in this room when I woke up”

“You were blank, you were just trying to get yourself together, so you didn’t notice me. I understand the feeling too.” He replied

Felicia kept quiet and observed the man adjacent her, his words only increased her fears, does it mean he was also kidnapped and kept in there for two days already? She wondered

“What are you saying? Were you kidnapped too? I was kidnapped, I don’t know where this is, my family must be worried” she tried controlling the tears from rolling down, but they had a mind of their own and flowed freely.

“Me too, my family must be worried, they’ve not been contacted for anything, because none of those guys has called my family to inform them I have been kidnapped, well, maybe they have, but I don’t know of any. I don’t know their plans”

“Oh my God! I am doomed” Felicia cried harder

“Save your tears, it didn’t help me either. Let’s just keep our hopes alive and wait for them to tell us why we are here, because this place is obviously not a shrine”

Felicia looked around the room again, trying to make a meaning of the place, was she meant to be relaxed she wasn’t in a shrine?

She rested her head on the wall and closed her eyes, thinking of all she had been able to achieve in her 25 years of existence.

“My God, is this where I will end it?” She whispered aloud, hoping for a miracle to save her.

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