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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Episode Ten

“Yeah right, not an experience I want to relive sincerely.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to relive it? Really?” Sunny asked looking down at the woman in his arms as they laid under a palm shed while enjoying the serenity of the beach air, he raised his brow slightly waiting for her response.

Felicia opened her mouth to speak, but stopped half way, she tried processing what Sunny meant by his words, was she supposed to love such a horrible experience?

She chuckled when the realization of what he was saying hit her, she sat up and faced him full of smiles.

“If that’s what it takes to meet you over and over again, I will surely love to take the route and meet you a thousand and one times baby!” Felicia said amidst smiles, how could he have termed it that way?

Sunny gave a broader smile, he sat up and faced her, caressing her hair and cheeks.

“Same here babe, you know, one thing I love so much about you is, I always don’t need to say everything before you understand, feels like you know every of my thoughts.”

Felicia gave a short laugh, looking straight into his eyes, she leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“The same way you know my thoughts before I say them. The path was rough truly, but meeting you in such weird situation and falling in love with you makes me understand why gold doesn’t come in the beautiful form, you can only see the beauty when it is wiped clean and purified. Isn’t God awesome? I never would have met you if I wasn’t kidnapped and kept in the same room with you. We thought he had forsaken us, but rather he had his plans. Every blessed day makes me love you more and more, and now I have a reason to smile every second.”

“Oh Felicia, now you are making me have goose bumps, seriously you are the most outspoken lady I have ever known.”

“That’s because I feel alive when I am with you, I don’t need to pretend, I am me because you accepted me just the way I am. I wasn’t this bold before.”

Sunny looked towards to the ocean, the view was beautiful.

“So you see, -he started-, I was never a one-woman kinda man, I loved to explore, but meeting you changed that. I realized I wanted more the first night we made out, I had never felt so connected to a lady before, but I couldn’t say it then, we never knew we would be out, but here we are, and I am forever grateful for it.”

He let out a deep breath, then he continued, “I might not be good with words like you are, but every part of me loves every part of you, and I just can’t get enough of you. I felt fulfilled when Mom met you and said to me, ‘Sunny, hold that girl tight’, I knew I have made the right choice. I don’t know how many more years we have left on earth, but for as long as I breathe, baby, I will always be there. I wasn’t a part of your past, but I want to be in your present and your future. We’ll laugh together, cry together, dance together, sing together and do everything humans do together Felicia.

Felicia wiped off the tear that was about to drop from her eye, she was becoming emotional.

Sunny touched her cheek soothingly, helping her wipe the stubborn tears, he never stopped smiling. Felicia had always told him he has good dentition and looks cuter when he smiles, and he had promised to always smile for her.

He got up and pulled Felicia up to stand with him, he held her hands and fixed his gaze on her, he loves to look into her big eyeballs which had always kept him transfixed.

“I love you so much Felicia, I don’t think there is any word than can express my feelings as it really is, but I do hope my actions are enough to express it better.”

He dipped his hand in his short’s pocket and brought out a small case, Felicia watched him go down on one of his knee, still looking at her. He opened the case, and Felicia could see the beautiful ring in it.

Her hands flew to her mouth, and the tears came down with no restriction.

“I am not promising you everything will be rosy, neither am I promising never to get on your nerves, of a truth, I will be a bigger pain in your ass because I will stick to you every where you go. Felicia Adams, will you please marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?”

Felicia remained speechless, her knee became shaky, the excitement in her was too much for her to contain, she knelt in front of Sunny, and threw her arms around him.

“Yes, yes, I will marry you Sunny, oh my God! I will marry you” she said to him while still hugging him.

Sunny reciprocated the hug, giving her time to release all her emotions on his shoulder.

He slowly disengaged from the hug, took her left hand and slid the finger in.

Felicia looked down at the ring, it was beautiful. She raised her head to look at the man she had agreed to spend the rest of her life with, she laughed in between her tears and said, “I’ve always wanted a quiet proposal like this”

Sunny nodded and replied, “same here babe”, he hugged her and kissed her fully on the lips.

The End

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