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Where Love Found Us – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Where Love Found Us

Where Love Found Us

Episode One

The time was 8:00am on that bright Tuesday morning, Felicia checked her time for the umpteenth time, she had so many places to be in less than 24 hours.

Every cab she waved at was either full or not going her way, she was losing her patience and wished she could get a lift like some other days, unfortunately, luck wasn’t on her side.

Just when she was about giving up, a commercial cab slowed down as it approached her, she called out her destination with her heart in her mouth, praying the cab was going her way this time.

She almost jumped up in excitement when she was asked to come in.

She entered the cab hurriedly without taking note of those in the cab with her. When she was relaxed, she decided to check the faces of those beside her, and that was when she noticed she was sitting with two men, one on either side.

She never knew she had agreed to sit in between when one of the passengers came down for her to get into the cab, something she had always refused.

She felt uncomfortable sitting between the men, something wasn’t right about them.

She checked her wrist watch again, she was obviously late for her first appointment, she said to herself, “safety first Felicia, every other thing can be sorted out when there is safety.”

She swallowed hard and spoke with all the confidence she could mutter, “driver, please drop me at the next bus stop, I just remembered I have to meet someone there, I’ll pay you the fare for that.”

She waited to hear from the driver, but the cab remained silent, and no one responded to her request.

“Driver, I said I will–”

“Will you shut your mouth and stop disturbing us?!” The man sitting at the front barked at her, cutting her short in her words.

Felicia moved back in fear, her heart was beginning to thump so fast. Most definitely, she had boarded a wrong cab.

She looked from the man to the driver, and to the men beside her. She was lost on what to say or what to do.

“You had better cooperate, or we will waste you right here, and no one will find you ever again!” The man by her right said to to her, bringing out a gun for her to see.

Her eyes popped at the sight of the gun, nodding her head like a baby, “ye-ye-yes Sir! I will give you anything you want sir, please sir don’t kill me, I don’t have money, please sir have mercy on me.”

“We don’t need your money, just relax and keep shut, that’s all” the man by her left said in almost a whisper.

Felicia felt her body go stiff and something sharp piercing her thigh. She looked towards the area she was feeling the pain, there was an injection pierced into her thigh through her skirt, with a greenish fluid going straight into her body.

In few seconds, her eyes were getting dizzy, she tried to speak and keep her eyes opened, but it was difficult, she gave way for the effect of the injection, and shut her eyes, everything went blank.

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