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When The Forbidden Happens – Season 2 Episode 15 [Completed]

Grande finale.

Authoress’s POV.
Aurora twirled in her wedding dress for the umpteenth time.

It was her wedding day today!

The excitement of getting married to the love of her life was something she couldn’t fathom.

“You look terribly pretty my lady ” one of Aurora’s maids complimented as she handed Aurora a hand mirror to look at her face after the make up artist had done her work.

Aurora gasped at her reflection in the mirror. This is definitely not her! No way!! Was she this pretty??

“The people of Nepal are gonna love you my lady, no doubt” another maid chipped in causing Aurora to smile.

Yea, they were still in Nepal, and the wedding ceremony was gonna take place there.

Sadly, Aurora didn’t have any family member left to witness her memorable day.

She terribly wished Elsa was present, but sadly, she betrayed her and ain’t present to witness this day, she doesn’t even know where I am! Aurora thought sadly.

“My lady, they are waiting for you” a maid at the entrance to the room said bowing a bit.

Aurora sighed as she stood up with the maids helping her as they held her long flowing gown from behind.

Aurora walked majestically into the large auditorium where the wedding was gonna take place.

As she walked into it, she sighted Peniel at the fore front with a smirk plastered on his face.

She became shy immediately as she quickly looked away.

She was really obvious of the smiling crowd as she walked to where Peniel was.

Her heart lept with joy seeing the people of Nepal smiling happily at her.

How fast they’ve grown to love her!!.

She finally got to where Peniel was as she placed her hands on his out stretched hands.


After all the marriage rites performed, Peniel suddenly stood up.

“I have a surprise for my queen” Peniel said all smiles.

Aurora sighed. Peniel never ceases to amaze her. I wonder what he has up his sleeves this time. She thought.

“You may come in ma’am” Peniel said.

An old , well not quite old woman began walking in. She was in her seventies.

Aurora thought she had a striking resemblance to her father but she didn’t want to be so sure.

Besides all her family members were dead. She thought.

To her surprise, the old lady began crying as she beheld Aurora.

“Who thought this would ever happen, fate is so unpredictable!” The old lady cried.

Aurora looked from her to Peniel with a questioning look on her face.

Peniel just gave her a smile.

“Come here child, come to your aunt” the old lady said as she drew Aurora into a hug.

” What? My aunt?” Aurora asked dumbfounded.

” Yes child, I’m the only sibling of your father, I never saw him again after he ran to earth, I really wished to see his child before I die.


I thank the god of Nepal for granting me that wish” the lady said in tears as Aurora hugged her more tightly.

This was the best day of her life, though she terribly wished her family and best friend were present to witness this memorable day.

But all the same, she’s really blessed to have a surviving relation, to be the queen of Nepal and most of all, to be with the love of her life.


The End.

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