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When The Forbidden Happens – Season 2 Episode 14

Aurora’s POV
I and Peniel arrived at Nepal. I was really nervous.

I had mixed feelings, I didn’t know what the people of Nepal were gonna think of me.

“Sweetheart, I need you to be calm, c’mon stop being nervous!” Peniel coaxed and I nodded gently.

Immediately we stopped into the palace, all eyes turned to us.

“Omg! It’s the prince!” They screamed as they all rushed to him to pay obeisances to him.

Peniel wasn’t interested in all that, he’s not the prideful and cocky one and I love him for that.

The news spread quickly and before we knew it, the people of Nepal were all assembled at the palace.

All these gat me really nervous.

Soon enough, an old man whom I assumed to be the priest came to us and stared intently at me.

He gave a disapproving look before turning to Peniel.

Seems he already knows who I am.

“Prince Peniel, who’s this lady that you’ve brought to our kingdom??” He asked as he stared daggers at me making me a bit scared.

Peniel turned to me as he held my hands firmly,giving me a reassuring smile.

“This is Aurora,the daughter of Murdock,and my wife to be” Peniel shouted loud for everyone to hear.

” What!! No!! Impossible!! She can’t be the next queen,her father killed your mother,my prince!!” The old priest yelled.

Tears were already rolling down my cheeks. I knew it!!

I knew they weren’t gonna accept me.

“Her father committed the crime and not her,besides, because of her father’s mistake,she lost her mother and only sibling.” Peniel said and paused and I could see they were now very quiet.

“Y’all know I went to earth with my father for revenge, but fortunately, I met the love of my life which turned out to be the daughter of our greatest enemy, Murdock.

As they say,love conquers all, I immediately fell in love with her and all the hatred I had towards her and her family vanished.

I admonish us all to accept and love her cause she’s one of us, a nepalian, whether you like it or not, she’s gonna be the queen of Nepal and whoever is against that will, will be put to death!!” Peniel finalised.

The people of Nepal looked on with fear in their eyes,no doubt,they greatly feared the royal family.

“We have no choice but to accept her” the priest said finally.

I looked at tears happily and with tears in my eyes.

I drew him closer as I hugged him like my life depended on it.

“Thank you so much Peniel,I love you so so much!” I cried.

Peniel kssed my hair. “I love you too my queen”.

Slowly and gently, Peniel went down on one knee ,held my hands tenderly as he looked into my eyes.

“Aurora,will you be my queen please?”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Geez! He’s proposing to me right in front of everyone. OMG!!

“Yes,yes I will!!” I screamed in excitement.

Excitedly, Peniel got up,carried me bridal style then screamed to the large crowd.

“Citizens of Nepal,behold your new Queen!!!”



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