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When The Forbidden Happens – Season 2 Episode 13

Aurora’s POV cont.
“I’m sorry Aurora, I gat to do this” Elsa said.

I stood dumbfounded staring at Elsa.

Gosh! I thought she was my friend? But she is! What the hell happened to her??

Davies moved forward to grab me but like flash, I disappeared and appeared in another part of the kitchen.

Elsa held her chin as she screamed in sheer horror.

Davies stood mouth agape staring at me.

I smiled triumphantly as the rag Elsa had stuffed in my mouth removed on its own accord.

“Omg!! Ora you just disappeared and appeared!!” Elsa said in à half yell.

” But Elsa why have you chosen to betray me?” I asked rather sadly.

“Ora I’m sorry” Elsa said as tears streamed down her face.

I shook my head sadly as I turned to Davies.

“You, trying to kidnap me huh?” I asked stretching my hands towards him as he was raised from the ground to the ceiling of the kitchen.

“Drop me, right now!” He demanded.

“I can see you’re not ready to apologise” I said ready to do something terrible to him when I felt a hand around my waist and that familiar aura that caused me to smile.

“C’mon babe, release him, he’s as scared as a kitten right now” Peniel said as his breath fanned against my neck.

I sighed before releasing Davies and he fell with a thud on the floor.

“You have powers too Ora, just like him!” Elsa screamed pointing to Peniel as she shook like a jelly.

I turned towards her and she moved back frightened of what I was gonna do to her.

“Elsa, you betrayed me, so you connived with Davies to kidnap me, imagine I wasn’t without powers, so you’d have allowed him do nasty things to me, Elsa! ” I screamed getting emotional as tears rolled down my cheeks.

” I’m sorry” Elsa whimpered. “I was just tryna help him!”

“Help? Elsa! Over me! Well I have nothing to say to you Elsa” I said wiping tears off my face. ” But the thing is..” I continued.

“We’ve stopped being friends this moment!” I said seriously and I could see Elsa grow cold with horror.

” No Ora,you can’t do this!!” Elsa said as I disappeared alongside Peniel.

We appeared back in the guest room and I broke down in tears, crying bitterly.

“Stop crying baby, it really hurts” Peniel said trying to soothe me.

” My best friend betrayed me Peniel,it hurts” I sobbed.

” It’s okay Ora,stop crying” Peniel said rubbing my back. “But I think you should hear her out”

“No!! ” I fired out immediately . ” No Peniel, she’ll take advantage of my kind heartedness and try to win her way back into my life and then, she’ll strike again!!”

Peniel didn’t say a word as he just kept staring blankly into space .

“Besides ” I turned to him as I continued. “how did you know what was going on down there?” I asked as I sniffed.

Peniel just smiled as he wrapped his hands around me like a child would do to it’s mother.

“I knew from the start Aurora,I saw what they were planning to do but I just decided to let you go,to fight for yourself,it was part of my test for you,you know” he winked at me and I smiled.

” And what if I’d failed?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow.

“I’d have come to your rescue anyways,and personally deal with that douchebag for trying to abduct my woman” Peniel said and I couldn’t help but giggle.

But then,he leaned close to me as he spoke to my ears.

“And I’m glad you passed that test Ora,you didn’t fail me,l love you!”



Elsa’s POV
I couldn’t stop crying after Ora disappeared.

I knew this was gonna backfire,I knew it!

I was just trying to help Davies win a chance with Ora but I never thought she was a supernatural being,a wrong match I was making !!

I was trying to save my friendship with Davies and at the same time with Ora, but I guess I’ve lost both,but most painfully, Ora’s friendship.

Go$h! She was just like a sister to me.

I painfully and tearily walked up to the guest room where Ora was to plead for her forgiveness,at least,I’ll just give it a try.

I plunge towards the door of the guest room, opening it,I found the room empty.

Ook where did Ora go? Or has she gone back to the room we both shared?

Excited with that thought,I hurried to my room as I pushed the door open but what I saw shattered my hope into pieces.

All Ora’s belongings were no more in the room.

Ora is gone!



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