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When The Forbidden Happens – Season 2 Episode 12

Aurora’s POV

Peniel walked close to me and drew me closer to himself.

“I don’t like sharing what’s mine” he said and I felt my cheeks heating up.

Wow.. I love the way he said it. It actually made me feel special, I snuggled closer to him smiling lightly.

I watched as an angry Davies barged out of the room. Elsa glanced at us for a while before going after him.

I sighed lightly as they both went out.

“Are you okay?” Peniel asked as he kssed my head.

“Yea yea,I’m good” I replied coolly.

“Hope you ain’t angry about what I did to your friend?” He asked with a smirk.

“No dear,he actually deserved it, always on my neck,jeez!” I exclaimed causing Peniel to giggle.

” Alright baby,let’s get down to teaching you how to use your powers”..


Elsa’s POV
I hurried after Davies as he angrily walked down the stairs.

“Davies hold on!” I called but he didn’t bulge.

We came down the stairs to the living room where he stopped abruptly causing me to almost bump into him.

“What was that all about??” He asked seething.

” I don’t understand” I answered honestly.

” Don’t tell me that crap Elsie!! It was planned wasn’t it??

You told me she was alone whereas she was with a bad guy!!” He retorted angrily and I had to move backwards to avoid being hit by his swaying hands.

“I..I .. never knew a guy was with her Davies..I swear” I stammered feeling guilty.

” I should never have talked to you about this in the first place” Davies said at length as he walked out of the apartment.

I slumped tiredly on the couch.

Geez!! I was just trying to help! I thought Aurora would be a good match for him.

Pairing gone wrong!!



“You don’t look so good Davies,are you alright??” I asked as I stared into his unhappy eyes.

” It’s Mabel” Davies said in a cracked voice.

“So? What happened to Mabel?” I asked anxiously.

“She..she broke up with me,I.. I just don’t understand why Elsie,I don’t!!” Davies said with so much hurt.

No doubt,he really loved Mabel.
I had tried warning him several times against her but he wouldn’t listen.

Mabel wasn’t one that’d stay in a relationship, she wasn’t the committed type, always jumping from every tom,dick and Harry.

“Put yourself together Davies,I have a perfect girl for you” I said smiling as I patted him on the back.

He raised his head slightly to look at me.


“Yes Davies,she’s the best girlfriend one would ever wish for,too bad her own boyfriend betrayed her,but she’s getting over it!” I explained.

I couldn’t bear seeing Aurora continue being single when there are very handsome guys out there, waiting for her.

“I’m liking her already,when can I get meet her?” Davies said with interest, causing me to smile.

” Soon Davies,very very soon”


**End of flashback**

” Go$h!! I just hope this doesn’t flip into Aurora’s ears!” I sighed.


Aurora’s POV
” I don’t think I can do this Penny” I whined feeling unhappy I wasn’t having any progress in learning my powers.

Peniel held my hand as he kssed it.

“Don’t give up hunny,let’s try it one more time,I believe in you” he said and I nodded.

” Now close your eyes” he whispered in a voice that sent cold chills down my spine.

” It’s closed” I whispered back.

“Now work with your mind,imagine yourself being lifted above the ground” Peniel said and I knitted my brows.

” How’s that possible?” I argued.

“You’re a supernatural being Ora! Just focus!” He said rather strictly and I swallowed immediately.

I shut my eyes tightly as I imagined myself being lifted above the ground.

“Am I up yet??” I asked but Peniel didn’t respond.

Go$h!! I guess I’ve failed again.

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see I was way up above the ground with Peniel giving me a wide smile below.

“You did it sweetheart!” He said proudly.

I gave a loud excited shout.

” I did it penny,I did it!!”


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