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When The Forbidden Happens – Season 2 Episode 10

Aurora’s POV
I opened my eyes but quickly shut them back due to the intense brightness in the room.

After some minutes, I opened them and saw I was laying on the bed behind the duvet, un¢lad.

The event of yesternight flashed in my head and I blushed.

The door suddenly opened and Elsa came in. The smile on my face disappeared.

I was really expecting to see Peniel. I’d actually forgot he wasn’t living with us.

“Hey babe,sorry I didn’t sleep over I….” She wanted to say but seeing me un¢lad behind the duvet,she gave a start.

“Omg! Aurora,you’re nked! What happened?? Did you and Davies…” She wanted to say but I cut her short immediately.

” Hell no Elsa!! It wasn’t him!” I said but regretted immediately why I said that last part, Elsa is so gonna kill me with questions.

“Wait… You said it wasn’t him?? Who was it then??” She asked as predicted by me as she gently walked to me sitting on the bed.

I kept mute, thinking if I should tell her about peniel or not.

“I’m waiting Ora!” Elsa said nudging me.

“Kkk it’s Peniel” I sighed.

She paused for a sec assimilating what I’ve just said..then..

“Did you just say Peniel???” She screamed so loud that I almost jumped out of my skin.

” What’s wrong with you Aurora??

After what he did to you,he just came and you decided to open your legs wide for him??” Elsa said in annoyance.

But to be honest,her Choice of words angered me.

Instead of replying,I wrapped the duvet around myself and left the room,elsa kept calling after me but I didn’t respond.

I was really hurt by her words, luckily,there was a guest room and that was where I spent the rest of my day alone.

Elsa came knocking but I didn’t open up. After sometime,she gave up and left.

I lay on the bed,face up, looking at the ceiling,when I felt that familiar aura,I smiled but didn’t move a muscle.

“Hmmm so you’re already familiar with my presence huh?” Peniel said as he sat on the bed beside me, placing a kss on my forehead.

I just stared into space without saying a word.

“Is it about what Elsa said?? I was hurt too Aurora” Peniel said.

I quickly turned to him with an inquiry look on my face.

” Yea,I was present there,laying right beside you,I just made myself invisible,more reasons why you really need to learn your powers,you weren’t even to discern my presence beside you” he frowned and I found my self smiling.

Wow! I never knew,so he actually never left me. Go$h! I’m so much in love with this guy.

“Don’t worry baby,stop being sad ,I understand,she’s just looking out for you” Peniel said again.

” I love you Peniel” was the only word I managed to say since he appeared in the room.

” I love you too Aurora” he replied as he took my lips in his.

I pulled out almost immediately and he frowned.

“We’d had enough of this yesterday” I said and he smirked. I felt shy immediately.

” You were really sweet” he whispered in my ears and I felt my V heating up.

“Stop it Peniel” I cooed .

“Really??” He asked as his hands went beneath the dress I wore.

I removed his hands immediately.

” Peniel teach me my powers” I said with all seriousness and he burst into laughter.

” Alright alright” he raised his hands in surrender but then he leaned close to me as he spoke to my ears.

“Thanks for making me your first Aurora”

I smiled.

“Gosh those dimples, I’ve missed ’em!!” Peniel exclaimed and I giggled as I placed my head on his chest.

Suddenly the door flew open and we turned to see Davies standing in the doorway with Elsa behind him.


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