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When Love Travels – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]


Fifteen years later. Jerere Prison, Osun State.

“Hey! Idiot!.Come here. You are leaving my shit hole now” a fair skinned lanky prison warder ranted

One could see the ray of hope on the faces of the prisoners in cell 18, as they all chorused 

“Shut up. No be una. You!. Get your big ass up” he said pointing his finger at Caterpillar.

Caterpillar had always dreamt of the day when he will leave the shit hole called Jerere prison.

After the incident that swallowed the life of his childhood friend, Ken, he turned himself over to the police for r*ping Miranda. He told Miranda the whole story of how Ken took the bullets meant for him. The thought of her mistakenly murdering her lover was more painful than the r*pe incident itself. The only reason she didn’t commit suicide was the child she had for Ken. Immediately after Ken’s burial, she permanently relocated to Sweden with her son, Shawn.

For Caterpillar, fifteen years of being stripped of freedom and a normal life, made him turned a new leaf.

“Big fool!. You go leave my sh*t hole abi you wan sit down there dey think for another twenty years” the prison warder ranted again

Caterpillar hurriedly stood up and followed the warder.

“Sorry oga I was just thinking. I’ve lost everything. No family, no friend, no money”

“But you’ve got life. Trust me when I say you have everything”

Caterpillar put on the old tattered clothes the prisoner handed over to him. When he got to the prison gate, he turned to look at the prison one more time.

“Paa! Paa! Paa!” an unknown gunman shot Caterpillar thrice. He died at the spot.


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