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When Love Travels – Season 1 – Episode 7

It’s been over two years since Miranda was 
r*ped by her ex-husband’s unknown foes. The memories are still fresh in her mind. How the rapist rained heavy slaps on her face, with his thick hands till she almost passed out.

With just a gesture with his hands, he tore her clothes. Her husband, who was at gun point, could hardly watch the hefty-masked man, ram in and out of her forcefully . She shouted till her voice faded out bit by bit. In her 
semi-conscious state, she heard the r*pist 
warning her husband never to mess with other people’s girlfriend again.

She fainted. Shortly after the incident, she got a divorce. Ever since, she has been investigating to know who the r*pist was and she swore to castrate the fellow.

“Noooo!!!” Miranda screamed from her sleep.

“Baby. It’s okay. Another nightmare” Ken said while holding her close to him.

Ken has not been able to sleep. He has been 
contemplating whether to ask his fiancé about Caterpillar’s allegation against her.

“Could he have slept with my princess?” he 
asked himself. He looked at her and finally 
made up his mind not to ask her

. It must be

one of those stupid things Caterpillar says 
whenever he’s angry.

She held Ken tight and was about sleeping 
again, when she noticed that Ken didn’t look sleepy.

“Sweet heart you’re not sleeping. What’s wrong?”

“Babe…” he paused for a while and continued,

“I’m just getting to realize that Caterpillar is more dangerous than I thought”

“Ken, I’ve always told you about that guy. I’ve never liked him. You should avoid him by all means” She said while stroking the hair on his chest

“Yea, I’m avoiding him by all means but then…”

He sat up and held Miranda closer. 
He immediately changed the topic of discussion

“Baby guess what. The doctor called me earlier in the evening regarding the test you took in the morning”

“And?” she couldn’t hide her curiosity.

“We’re having a baby!” he let out joyously.

“Ohhhhhh sweetie!” She exclaimed

She has always wanted a baby. This was supposed to be a beginning to their unending joy but then ……….


Final episode rolls out this evening by God’s grace. Thanks for following uptil this time. I’ll really appreciate feedback and constructive criticisms. One love.

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