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When Love Travels – Season 1 – Episode 5

One Sunday Morning, at The Hope Foundation Church

This was the first time in eight months, since
Ken attended a church service. Today is his
birthday. He thought it wise to be in Church, to thank God for a new year.

Two days ago, he met the popular beggar in his former neighborhood, Gbegege. He
remembered how Gbegege jokingly prophesied his good fortune.

“Gbegege don’t tell me you’re still a beggar after I gave you N100, 000 the last time we met”

“Fine oga, this begging na our calling . Rich people like una, need us for God to bless una”

“Gbegege, that’s a stupid line of thought and you know that”

“Fine Oga forget that one. The problem now no be me. Na you. Na person weh you love na e go wound you”

Those words somehow made him nervous, but then he reminded himself that he shouldn’t be taking the words of a somewhat nonentity to heart.

Nevertheless he knew he had to be in church today.

He didn’t like the feeling of sitting on the first row, especially when he got to church very late. He felt like melting into the neat white marble floor.

“So bad boys do come to church too” a lady who sat behind him whispered to his ears.

He immediately recognized the voice. He
turned to see the biggest surprise of the

. The mystery-night-robe lady!

His face lit up with smiles. From that moment, it felt like the clock moved slower and that the service was never going to end.

Whenever the Pastor called out “Praise the
lord!” Ken’s “Halleluya” response was always the loudest. This made Miranda laughed.

“This must be heaven’s birthday present to me” he said to himself.


“Hello Amadi. Do we have him yet?”

“Not yet Ma’am. The only guy we have in our custody died last night”

“God bless his soul. Did he give us any clue?”

She gulped the alcoholic wine she was holding.

“Not at all Ma’am. But we were able to trace his family house. We’ll definitely get something there”

“No problem Amadi. Take your time. The rapist must be dealt with. I repeat I don’t just want him jailed. I want him castrated. Okay?”

‘Yes Ma’am”

Miranda ended the phone call. Avenging the
rape was a secret she kept to herself.
Sometimes, a part of her wanted to forgive the rapist, but then, whenever the dark memories hit her, she imagined the rapist laughing at her. She’d feel like hurting him so bad.

She went downstairs to her living room, where Ken was waiting for her.

“I missed you babe” she said hugging him tight.

“Yes darling. One week felt like a century. You’re coming with me next time I’m travelling to China” he said, stroking her soft curly hair.

She pushed him over to the leather cushion
that was behind him. She unbuckled his belt
while he simultaneously undressed her. They made love at the spot.

Meeting his mystery night-robe girl was one

of the best things that have happened to him in a long time.

Their burning love somehow, reduced the ef

fects of the negative events that have happe

ned to him lately. He found out that

Caterpillar slept with Aria, his ex-girlfriend,

while they were dating. It was all funny to him,

because Caterpillar pretended he never liked

Aria, and persuaded Ken to let her go, just so

he could have his way.

Ken remembered how Caterpillar drafted a plan

to rob the house of the rich man who ‘stole’

Aria from him. Ken never agreed to the plan,

but Caterpillar went ahead with his plan

anyway. Ken got to know about it few days

later. Caterpillar however, withheld some

information about the robbery incident like how

much he looted from the robbery.


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