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When Love Travels – Season 1 – Episode 4

“Ken I need you to promise that you will never leave me” She said while looking into his eyes, as though she was searching for something in it.

She was lying beside his bare hairy chest. She could feel his heart beat faster whenever her soft fingers travelled down his lower abdomen.

At intervals, she would slowly swirl her middle finger around his left nipple, which somehow looked like a child playing on a merry-go-round.

“I swear on my life. I will never leave you . When do I get to know your name?” he asked.

She planted a deep kiss on his nipple, which

made him close his eyes and bit his lips.

Intense romance like this was Ken’s definition of a cloud nine feeling.

She s*ductively progress to whisper into his

ear, while he attempted to clasp her bosom, but they were tightly held by the blue brassiere she wore.

She responded to his question by whispering “Soon”

The word “soon” echoed in his head till he
woke up from his sleep.

This was the fifth time he was dreaming about the mystery-night-robe-girl he met four months ago at the party. He was unable to talk to her again after their first encounter at the dance floor

. He wondered how she elusively slipped through his fingers that night.

These days he hardly talked about Aria. This
gave his friend, Caterpillar, some relief but
then, Ken’s obsession with this unknown girl is also an issue for him. Every weekend, Ken literally dragged him to the club where he met his mystery girl, in a bid to find her, but none of the search results have been positive.

Aside his mystery girl, another issue that has been bothering Ken, is Caterpillar’s extravagant lifestyle and addiction to gambling.

“We became rich by betting, doesn’t mean we are gonna stay rich by betting” he repeatedly warned Caterpillar.

But Caterpillar has always been a stubborn
fellow. He was born and bred in the ghetto
streets of Dako. He once murdered his
secondary school classmate. This was a
secret only Ken knew about.

For Ken, starting an online real estate agency has been the best decision he has made in
years. Every single penny and time he invested in building the business was worth it.


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