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WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS – Season 1 – Episode 8


“Ginika” I heard my name being called in a voice I had tried to forget to no avail. A voice that still haunted me and broke my heart. I turned around to behold my ex-husband Chike alighting from the driver’s side while a fair complexioned slender girl alighted from the passenger’s side of the car.

He came towards me smirking spitefully and looking me over and probably noticing my rather shabby but neat clothes. I noticed how handsome and well-dressed he was and looked at the rather expensive car he was driving and I was transported back to when I met Chike.

I was already working for three years when I was headhunted by Zenith constructions and planning Ltd. I came in as Assistant CFO being that I was already a chartered accountant then and had been for two years.

Chike worked in logistics and supply and was way my junior even though he was 32 then while I was 27. I was determined to make a great career path for myself and was not ready to be tied down.

Chike would bring supplies to my office and called me madam then. Always willing to go on errands for me and was very respectful even though he was older. He knew he wasn’t going to find it easy wooing me, so he did not outrightly pursue me but rather warmed his way into my heart through respect and humility or so I thought.

After a year, Chike started coming to the flat where I lived to help me with plumbing and electrical challenges. One thing led to another and we became lovers. I had fallen for my junior colleague. Even with the change in our relationship, Chike was anything but arrogant to me at work. He still called me Madam at work though with a wink when no one was looking and called me Madam at home jokingly when we were together.

He just moved into my flat after a few months. We never discussed it nor was it planned. One day, I noticed he never went home to change clothes and I saw a lot of his personal effects lying around. That got me wondering where he must have been putting up and what happened.

I never even found out where he lived and with whom. Chike and I dated secretly for about two years with no words or plans of marriage between us. He never mentioned it and I never asked.

We just rolled with the times so to say until I got pregnant. I wanted us to get married and Chike placidly agreed. Why won’t he? I was virtually catering for everything in the house. He never spent a dime of his money, I even bought him a second hand car.

However, our marriage plans were almost stopped when my mother refused to allow me marry Chike even though I was already pregnant.

“He is a bad sort Ginika” she said truculently. “He will not treat you right. He has the eyes of a thief. Please my daughter, leave him. Have the child if you must and give it to him or better still, abort it and move on with your life” she advised.

“Mama! How can you advise me to abort my own child just because you believe his father has the eyes of a thief and will not treat me right? That is insane! Chike is the love of my life and he treats me so well. We were meant to end up together” I said angrily to my mother.

I just couldn’t understand her really and she seemed to have gotten worse since my father died. Almost as if she was hiding her b!tchiness because of him.

“He is with you for your money. Mark my words. He will drop you like a hot potato once you don’t have anything to offer him, baby or no baby” my mother had prophesized and how true her words became.

That day, I had stormed out of our house and bypassing my mother, Chike and I had gone to my avaricious uncle, Chief Dike, who had received Chike and his people. By this time, I was almost six months pregnant….

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