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WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS – Season 1 – Episode 12

PART 12~

“I am calling from Zenith constructions and planning. We will need you to come in for discussions please. Kindly treat as urgent. I sent a mail to the e-mail you provided during your recruitment but we have not received a response from you. When do we expect to see you?” The voice finished.

I was dumbfounded. Beyond shocked, mute, flabbergasted. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the call. This must be a prank from a mischievous person intent on seeing me arrested and embarrassed if I set foot in the company premises.

“Who am I speaking with?” I managed to ask.

“My name is Barrister Mike Collins. I am the company’s legal adviser” the voice said.

“Barrister Mike, I no longer work with Zenith Constructions. I have not worked there for the past three years. I was accused wrongly of embezzlement and fraud and my appointment was terminated. Why are you calling me now?” I asked rather angrily finally getting my wits about me.

“It is in response to that issue that I am calling you. Please come in for a chat with us. You will not be arrested if that is your fear. I give you my word. We just want to chat with you” Barrister Mike finished sounding very kind on the phone.

“You can also check your e-mail and you will see the official letter we wrote to you over a week ago” He added.

“I will be there tomorrow by 9.00am.” I promised quickly ending the call after the usual goodbyes and “we will be expecting you” pleasantries.

Your word doesn’t mean shit Barrister Mike I thought to myself but what did I have to lose? I am currently between the devil and the deep blue sea. Adding the police to the mixture can’t hurt I thought standing up.

Zenith Construction and planning was housed in a massive complex that never failed to give me joy whenever I drove in while I was still working there. The deep gray colours on the walls of the buildings, the dark silhouette of the taller buildings against the sky, the swarm of people that worked there, the endless array of cars parked in the employee area were sights I had longed to see for the past three years.

Walking into the complex this morning dressed in my only presentable skirt suit with a pastel pink camisole, I looked around in nostalgia. This had been home for almost four years of my life. The security men stared at me in non-recognition. I noticed they were different from the ones I knew from my time here and I wondered where the old ones were. I walked into the reception area and approached the pretty slim girl behind the table.

“Good morning, my name is Ginika Uchendu. I have an appointment with Barrister Mike Collins” I stated my mouth still feeling like bile rose in my throat at addressing myself as Ginika Uchendu.

“Good morning Ginika, the Barrister will see you now” she smiled at me after dropping her intercom, obviously to tell the lawyer I was here.

“Please climb upstairs, first door on your left” she directed. I wanted to snap at her that I worked here for four years. I obviously knew where the office of the legal adviser was. But I didn’t. I noticed I was attacked by nerves. I smiled at her slightly and made my way upstairs. The receptionist was new too and I wondered where all the old staff was….

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