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WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS – Season 1 – Episode 11

PART 11~

“How are you Ginika?” He asked me spitefully dragging me away from my painful reminiscences “I can see you came for an interview here, still don’t have a job?” He was laughing at me. The son of a gun was laughing at me.

“God will judge you Chike. Karma has a lock down on you. I have nothing to say to you. You were nothing before and you are still nothing now even with the fancy car and the trophy girlfriend.” I spat contemptuously at him but my heart was breaking all over again on the inside. I loved this snake. I gave up a lot of things for him. Where did I go wrong? Was it wrong to love someone? Trust someone? Try to build a home with someone? I shook my head determined to not let Chike see my tears. I had suffered enough for him and would not give him the joy of seeing me break down in front of him.

“God does not exist” He smirked evilly dragging his dumb girlfriend closer “what exists is the power that having money gives you. The cars, the beautiful lovers, the travel. That’s what I have and your karma has nothing to do with me. I did nothing to you. I merely dropped your useless ass when I needed to move to the next level. Do you blame me?” He turned to kiss the girl friend and I just walked away.

The son of a bastard did not even remember his son. I heard him calling my name again but I chose not to turn back. Chike belonged in my past and that is where he will remain permanently.

To avoid seeing him again, I walked into a small provision store and sat down. The sales girls looked up from the thick novel she was reading and asked me what I wanted.

“Please give me a bottle of soft drink. Any brand” I said still breathing heavily and with the long held back tears now falling down my cheeks.

“Here it is Ma, everything would be fine. Is there anything else you want?” She asked sweetly after advising me not to cry.

I shook my head and opened the drink and gulped down a healthy quantity. The cold liquid slithered down my throat and I felt a lot better. I rubbed my cheeks and rubbed my hands on the body of the drink. The coldness was helping me relax.

The shrill sound of my small phone rent the air and I dug into my bag to bring it out. The number was unfamiliar and unsaved. I hesitated answering it but then shrugged. I needed a job and it could be a company calling back.

Hello!” I answered quietly.

“Hello!” is that Ginika Uchendu? The voice on the line asked.
“Yes please” I said though I wanted to answer that my name was now Ginika Ikem as I was divorced but I kept quiet. The voice sounded professional and I needed to hear what the person on the line wanted to say….

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