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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 9

I just have to swallow my pride. I inhaled deeply before opening the door to the kitchen.
I’m here to ask or maybe command. No that will be rude.
Gemma when do you start caring about being rude! I scold myself hitting my hand on my forehead in frustration and gently walk back out of the kitchen without alerting the maids who are busy cooking my breakfast.
All thanks to Adrian for making me do this hun.
Back at his house, where I spent and will still be spending my holiday since Dad is not home yet. Well I don’t sleep there, I just said I spent almost a my day with Adrian and his family. It’s really nice to
have a complete family, I do get jealous of Amelia though, she has a Brother and parents.
Well it’s okay. I accept what it is. Yeah, so back to what I was saying before that jealousy thought.
“Adrian let’s go grab some food, I’m damn hungry ” I yell from the room to Adrian who is the bathroom. His bathroom, exactly I’m in his room and he just have to take a shower after many rounds 😉
Don’t mind me it’s just three or four, maybe five? Oops I lost count. And we didn’t disturb anyone in the house if that’s what you’re thinking. Yes we have the house to ourselves cos everyone is out to wherever.
“Okay “he replies.
“Be fast okay ”
“You can just go to the kitchen and make us something instead of waiting for me “he says again making me shake my head.
“I can’t cook ” I tell him.
“What? You mean you can’t cook “he replies in nanosecond yelling.
“Yeah ” I reply grabbing my phone beside me.
The door of the bathroom opened and a dripping w€t and hot man wrap in a towel just on his waist step out. Adrian grab another towel and dab in on his w€t hair. I know I just finish eating this man but I feel like eating him again.
He then remove the towel from his waist and grab his sweat pants on the bed before putting it on.
“Are seriously telling me that you don’t how to cook ” he says looking at me.
“Yes don’t act surprised ” I roll my eyes.
“Of course I’m Suprise ”
“Why are you Suprise?” I’m starting to get annoyed.
“That Gemma villers can not cook “he laughs.
“And how is that a big deal ”
“Because you are a girl ”
“Are you one of those people that do this feminism thing, a female child should know how to cook and do house chores not male”
“That’s not it, everyone have to, take for example me I can cook and also do any house chores and I’m a boy ” he smirks.
“You are pointless “I scoff.
“Of course I have a point you just won’t admit it “he laughs and starts wearing his clothes.
I look away from him with a frown on my face. I decide to not talk to him for the
rest of the day because of what he said until he started singing and dancing.
“Gemma villers can not cook iya iya o
♪ ♬ ヾ(Gemma villers can not cook iya iya o)ノ ♬ ♪
(Author: is it iya iya o or whatever. Use what it is in your head)
I want to ignore that but I just can’t. “Stop “I yell but did he stop No.
“Adrian stop singing!! ” I yell.
“Gemma villers can not cook LA LA LA “he continued.
“I hate you!! I’m leaving and I can have my maid cook me anything anytime I want it so I don’t need to know how to cook ”
He stop singing and look at me. “Oh is that so? “he smirks.
“You’re just so…argh ” I stamp my feet angrily on the ground and start wearing my clothes.
“I’m leaving you alone to continue your stupid show “I grit my teeth angrily.
“I was just joking ” he says and I snicker.
“To hell with your jokes ” I finish wearing my shoes, grab my bag and storm out of his room.
“Come on Babe, my love I was only joking “he yells after me.
“Shut up and stop calling me…. Pet names ” I yell back.
Flashback ends.
And that was last night. I left angrily but his words hits me. It always does.
I just have swallow my pride and ask this maids to help or else he’s gonna mock me again.
I open the door making one of them turn to look at me.
“Ah young master please be patient your breakfast will be ready soon ”
“Okay” I simply reply and watch them.
How do I start.
“Young master it’s not healthy for you to stay just go up to your room we will call if the food is ready. ”
“If it’s not healthy for me then it’s not healthy for you either so let’s leave the food to cook itself ” I say and they laugh but the laughter died the moment it start.
“Young master that’s not what we meant ”
“Look, I just want to watch you guys, I mean I want to learn how to cook ”
Their eyes widened “Really?.. I mean yes”
“yeah, so are you gonna teach me? ”
“Of course ” “Yes ” “we will ” the three of them chorus.
“Young master will be glad to teach you ”
“Okay thanks ” I scratch my neck.
“Come and stay here young master “one of them says.
I nod and comply. “Please just call me by my name, you are my boss now and I’m your apprentice “I smile at them.
“No matter you’re still our boss. ”
“I insist ”
“So bosses, what should I do ” I wink at them.
Minutes later, I realize cooking is actually fun. Wish I had learnt earlier than this.
“Can..can I cut the onions? ” I ask.
“Okay “but be careful don’t let the knife cut you “Magi says and I nod. She also instruct me on what to do. And fvck my eyes!
I drop the knife immediately “I can’t see, my eyes ”
Someone dab a towel on my face. “Soorry, that’s how onion is, you will get you to it soon ”
I was finally able to open my eyes a little.
“That was mad! “I exclaimed and look at them.
I raise my eyebrows at there expression, they look they are forcing themselves not to burst into laughter.
“It’s okay, you can let it out “I sigh and they just released it immediately. There laughter filled my ears and I couldn’t stop myself from joining them.
What you

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