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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 8

I parked in front of Adrian’s house. Stepping out of my car the fresh scent of flowers hit my nostril and I smile.
A girl which I later recognize as Amelia was watering the flowers. She wasn’t aware of my presence behind her yet until I cleared my throat.
“Ah everyone it’s Gemma!” she screamed dropping the watering can and running up to me. The next i know is her small hands wrap around my legs. I pat her hair and bend down to her height.
“Hey it’s nice to see you again ” I smile at her.
“I thought you forgot about me. You didn’t come to visit as you promised” she pouts.
“Aww I was busy with School work. I’m sorry ”
“I don’t blame you, I blame Adrian for not letting me see you even when I beg him ” he scoff.
“Come, let me take you to his room ” she add holding my finger. I stand up and follow her.
“Where is Scott? ”
“He’s out to work ” she replies.
She stopped by a door and push it open revealing a shirtless Adrian looking hot even though he has his back on us.
“I’ve always told you to always knock Amelia ” he turn to glare at his sister.
His eyes landed on me and he smirks “Oh and Amelia’s boss in “I don’t knock” business is here”
We both laugh at his joke then ended staring intently at each other.
“Uhm uhm… I’ll leave you alone so that you’ll continue your staring contest “Amelia says and began to walk away.
I look away from Adrian and stare at her small figure walking way.
How old is she
again, she talks like an adult.
I didn’t realize I said that loud until Adrian answers me.
“Same question that I ask myself everyday ”
I walk in fully into the room and closes the door.
I look around his room. His room is a simple one, no much decoration. Just his bed, his wardrobe, a table and a chair plus his room is sparkling clean. I sit down on his well laid bed and watch as he arrange his laptop and phones on a small table. Nope I’m actually staring at his abs.
“Let me just get a shirt on ” he says but I stop him immediately.
“No.. don’t worry I’m not uncomfortable, it’s fine ”
“You mean you like me this way? “he smirks sitting at the other edge of the bed but facing me.
“Yes, I mean… Gosh stop messing with my mind “I laugh giving him a playful glare.
His smirk grew wider. “Come here ” he gestures.
I bite my lip and shake my head.
“How about i go see your mom first then I come back for you ” I walk closer to him and give him a quick kiss.
He frown unsatisfied.
“Okay fine, be fast cos mom talks a lot ” he led me out of his room.
“That’s her room up there, knock before you enter” he tease pointing to a door.
“Aren’t you going with me? ”
“NoPe, go now ” he says popping the ‘p’ and push me away from his door.
I sigh and walk to the door. I knock on the door two times before a voice tells me to come in.
I could feel my heart on my mouth as I enter the room.
There was Adrian’s mom arranging a heap of clothes that is on her bed.
“It’s you “she smiles when she sees me.
“Hello ma’am ”
Why is she smiling at me I thought she hates, this is weird she even offer me a sit and it’s giving me chills.
“You See dear, I know you think I hate you and you are probably Suprise cos I’m being nice “she says and I nod.
“I’ve done something unforgivable to you in the past…”
“That’s exactly why I called you here. What you did was in the past and I only believe you are change because of how my family loves you. Amelia practically adores you, my husband speaks so well of you and my son Adrian is in love with you. When he brought you at the hospital, he look so happy. I don’t think I’ve seen him like that before. The past few days, I know he’s not in good terms with you, it was obvious. He was love sick, so I told to him call you and tell you to see me ” she grabs my hand.
“I’ve heard a lot about you the little time I worked for your father . I’m just glad you change now ”
“Thank you so much ma’am you have no idea how happy I am hearing this from you ” I thank her.
“You can just call me Mom “she smiles and continues to arrange her clothes
“Do you want me to help? ” I ask.
“Don’t worry, Adrian must be waiting for you ”
I nod and walk out of the room feeling relieved.
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