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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 7

A week later.
Adrian still isn’t returning my calls, no I think he blocked me.
It’s Christmas Eve and here I am in the boring place. My aunt’s house. You have to walk miles away the house before you can enjoy the network connection here. It’s really annoying.
Dad and I usually spend our Thanksgiving and Christmas with Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty is my Dad’s elder sister, she’s a widow and she lives alone that’s why we usually come here to spend time with her. To make it worse Aunt Betty stays in the outskirts of the city in her small bungalow where not less than 10 houses surrounds hers.
I just wonder if she doesn’t get bored of staying here. Dad had tried to
convince her to come back to the city countless times but she was adamant. She said she and her late husband build the house and decide to live there the rest of their lives and she won’t leave because her husband is no more alive rather she did die here too.
“Hi Gemma ” the annoying girl who I have been trying to avoid appears in front of me when I was walking around searching for network.
I roll my eyes and ignore her.
Her face is disgusting, damn! Ugly, unwashed hair, decay tooth and dirty clothes. I just hate her being close to me. I use to be friends with her when I was a kid and I use to give her some of my clothes, cream and shampoo and she did be happy until that day she took me to a river together with her brother.
Unknown to me, they planned to push me inside the river because they hate me. Fortunately enough, another boy heard them and told me to run back home. That was how I got saved by the Boy. He became my friend afterwards not until he died five years ago.
“Get away from me from me girl ” I huff but she still stand in front of me showing her decayed tooth.
“What do you want? ” I glare at her.
“You know what I want ” she grins.
I sigh and pull out some money from my pocket and throw it to her “Take and get away from me ”
“Even if you don’t give me I’m gonna steal it from you “she says and walk away.
She stopped “Oh and my name is Lisa in case you forgot City girl “she wink.
Bush girl.
Just then my phone rings. My eyes eyes widen in suprise and my heart leap for joy. Adrian is calling me.
I pick up and the phone on my ear.
“Adriann” I say with a beaming smile.
“Hi Gemma, how are you? ”
“I’m fine “I replied within nanosecond eagerly waiting for he will say next.
“My mom is discharge from the hospital today “he tells me.
“Oh.. I’m happy to hear that ”
“Yeah.. So she said she wants to see you ”
“What? ”
“My mom wants to see my Girlfriend.. ”
“I heard you, I’m just Suprise you know “I cut him off.
will she wanna see me.
“Well that’s what she said. “there was a pause.
“So when are you coming? “he ask.
“I’m not at home right now but I can make it tomorrow if that’s fine ”
“It’s fine but..where are you ”
“Calcos” I reply.
“Okay ” he says and silence took over.
I decide to speak up “I… ”
“Gemma.. ”
We both said at the same time.
“Say your first “he says.
“No, you go first ” I insist and he sigh.
“My love.. I’m really sorry for ignoring you all this while. That was stupid of me. I was just angry you know ”
“Adrian you have every right to be angry. I should be apologizing instead. ”
“But I took it far you know. I miss you so much ”
“Me too, I’ll see you tomorrow ”
“Okay text me when you are on your way ” he says. We both said our goodbyes and the line went off.
Later in the night.
“Aunt is dinner ready? I’m starving already ” I whined.
“In a bit sweetie “she says from the kitchen.
“Don’t expect to eat if you don’t go and help her out in the kitchen “Dad say coming into the living room.
“I was talking to you young lady ” he says
I groan and pause the game I was playing.
I stand up grumbling and joined aunt in the kitchen. I don’t even know how to do anything in here.
“Don’t mind your Father, even though he’s telling you the right thing but he’s being to hard ” Aunt Betty says as she stir the soup on fire.
“Just sit down and watch me, you don’t need to do anything “she smiles sweetly.
Aunt Betty pampers me a lot, no doubt. It’s just a pity she doesn’t have a child.
“You’re too sweet aunt, don’t worry just tell me what you need and I will get it for you “I hug her from the back.
“I’m almost done, you don’t need to worry “she says.
After we had dinner, I pack the plates and cups we used and wash them. After that I went back to the living room to tell Dad that I’m leaving tomorrow.
“Why? are you tired of being here “aunt say sadly.
“No aunt, that’s not true. I just have things to take care of back home ” I tell her.
“What is so important than staying with your aunt “Dad glares at me.
“Dad please! ”
“Let her go Trev, don’t pressure her too much. She’s grown up “Aunt Betty told my dad.
“She’s not grown up, to me she’s still a child” Dad says.
I know is gonna agree later on so I left them to pack my clothes.

The next day.
I drive back home myself. Drop my luggage at home before heading to Adrian.
What you

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