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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 6

So do you think your result will be good ” Camille ask after we finished our exams. And the School will be closed for Christmas and new year’s holiday today everyone is excited especially me I’m super excited.
“Of course it will be good ” I smirk at her.
“You sound like you’ve have seen your result already ” she says as she took a bite of from her chocolate making me remember I have one too.
“I’ve been attending private class remember? ” I eat from my chocolate.
“Well that’s true. I’m sure Mr Gonzalez gave you some tip..”
“Why will you say that Cam, he never told me anything ” I interrupt.
“If you say so. Let’s go home ” she replies picking up her bag. I pick up mine too, just then I saw Adrian walking down the Music studio to his office.
“Ahm.. I don’t think we can go home together sorry ” I say to Camille and start to run towards Adrian’s office.
He was about to close the door but I quickly stop it with my leg.
“Not so fast ” I grin entering the room.
“You “he smiles widely and wraps his arms around my waist pulling me to him.
I remember how this jerk right here almost gave me an heart attack thinking he was still angry after the drama of Jordan until the next day when he told me he’s not mad at me anymore and guess what he said next?
He said he likes me too! Mehn I was feeling fly that day.
“Babe you zoned out “he chuckled and kiss my lips slightly.
“Sorry ” I smile. “So I’ve you seen my exam script? Did I do well? “I ask.
“Well,,, I think you did “he looks at me in admiration.
“Yes!!! ” I exclaimed happily disengaging from his hold.
“So there’s something I wanna ask you- fvck the door isn’t close!” he swore and my eyes widened.
“Omg is anyone looking?” I ask my heart racing.
“Thankfully, no one “he says closing the door.
“So what do you want to ask me ” I sit down on his chair while he stands in front of
“Will you be my Girlfriend Gemma ” he ask making me smile.
“I already made myself your girlfriend even if you didn’t ask me ” I grin.
“Well I realize we have not given our relationship a name yet, so.. ”
“I will be your girlfriend ” I cut him off and a hug smile form on his lips.
“We are officially a couple hun “he says staring at my face. The smile on his face had drop.
If he’s thinking the same thing I’m thinking right now. We are a couple to our selves, no one else can know and it’s fvcking annoying, I wish I haven’t met him as my teacher, I wish we would have met as a…just something less awkward than teacher and student.
“One day Gemma, just one day. I will be able to show you off to the world that you’re mine, my Girlfriend. I’m looking forward to that day. If it comes I won’t hesitate to. That’s a promise. ” he says and I didn’t even know when a tear drop from my eyes.
I nod my head.
“I.. ” I couldn’t find a word.
He grab my hand and place it on his chest. “You feel this, you feel the way my heart is beating? It has never beat for anyone like that ” he smiles.
“I like you a lot Gemma or just maybe, I don’t know but.. Maybe I’m in love with you? “he says and I gasps.
“Adrian ” I call.
“How can you say that? ” I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up.
“I’m gonna say this again, I’ve never felt this way towards any girl before so my guess might be right ” he smile then cup my cheek with his left palm bring his head closer his lip met mine sending sparks all over my body. He kiss me with so much tenderness and love and I could feel myself melting, my heart beating fast.
I know I like Adrian. A lot. But love? I don’t think I love him or maybe I haven’t realized it yet.
He breaks the kiss but his palm stayed on my cheek.
“You should go home now, it’s holiday “he rub his thumb on my cheek. I close my eyes and heave a sigh of pleasure.
“Kiss me ” I say opening my eyes and he smirk.
“Ah I want too, but..i have to go somewhere urgently ”
“Where are you going? “I ask him.
“To see my mom at the hospital “he says.
“ the way how is she now? ”
“She’s doing better, I have to go “he mutter looking at me pleadingly.
“Well, I wanna go see her too. Take me with you ” I tell him and he look at me bemused.
“Are you sure? ”
“Of course, let’s go ” I say and walk out of his office with him walking behind me.
“Let’s use my car? “I ask when we got to the where my Car is. It’s the only car still remaining in the lot except my dad’s.
He nods opening the door for himself and sit in.
“Give me the key if you’re gonna stand there forever ” he yells and I laugh.
I throw the car key at him and he walk to the driver’s seat while I seat beside him.
“Don’t you have a car? ” I ask.
“I sold it “he answers his eyes focused on the road.
“Why? ”
“Because I needed the money ”
“For? ”
“For my mom’s treatment, she had a m****l disorder ” he sigh.
“I’m so sorry ”
“It’s not your fault, I’m just glad she’s responding to treatment. She’s back to her normal self according to Doctor ”
I nod.
We soon get to the hospital and we both get down from the car. I followed Adrian’s lead and I’m surprise how everyone we met seems to know him even patients.
I’ve been to a psychiatrist hospital this will be my first time.
Adrian open a door and we both step in.
“Mom!”Adrian grins upon seeing his mother.
“Adrian, my son ” the woman smile and gesture that Adrian to come closer which he then ruffles his hair with her hands.
“Mom, you don’t destroy my perfect hairstyle. ” Adrian giggles like a kid. This is the side of him that I’ve never seen before. God he’s looks adorable!!
“Oh shut up “Adrian’s mom laugh.
Adrian stand up to introduce me that’s when I could see his mom well. And wait she looks familiar.
“Who is she? ” she smile.
“Mom, this is my Girlfriend Gemma, Gemma my mom “Adrian introduce with a big smile.
“Gemma? ” Adrian’s mom mutter that’s when I remember where I’ve met her. She’s the new maid I slap and fired that day.
“Mom you know her? ”
Oh no! She shouldn’t be Adrian’s mother. I’m so dead. Adrian is gonna be mad at me if he knows.
“Gemma do you know my mom from somewhere? ”
“No I don’t think so “I lied.
“You don’t know me? You.. You slapped me that day. You fired me! “she shouts and I froze.
Adrian jaw dropped. “Mom what are you talking about?
“She..she’s the girl “she yells again.
“Mom please calm down okay!” Adrian tried calming her mom down but she keeps shouting. A Doctor ran inside and give her a injection to sedate her.
“You know so well that she shouldn’t be shouting or get emotional Adrian “the doctor scold Adrian.
“I’m sorry Doctor ” he apologize and the doctor left.
“Adrian ” I call.
“You can leave now, thanks for visiting my mom “he says not looking at me.
“I’m sorry.. ”
“Leave “he growls cutting me off. The love and admiration in eyes whenever he looks at me has been replaced with a disgusting and hate which made my heart drop.
I didn’t say anything else I left the hospital.
I’m starting to feel disgust with my self, my attitude. Maybe I should be expecting more karma because of my past misdeeds.
I tried calling Adrian through out that day he didn’t pick up or neither did he answer my text. The last time I called him he has switched off his phone.
God! What would I do.
T. B. C
Sandra Ayobami, actually guess it right she’s Adrian mom👍😀
Poor Gemma 😿
I mean poor Adrian’s mom.
Advice Gemma..
And those that are doubting Adrian you now know how he feels now.

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