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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 5

Time flies, exams is fast approaching and I have been preparing hard, I mean harder than I’ve ever been.
It was Saturday, I have the whole day to myself. Even though Adrian is coming over later in the evening, for Lesson of course.
I had my bath and dress up before leaving my room for downstairs to have breakfast.
“So you mean, he wants his son and I to go on a date? ” I ask my Dad in disbelief.
After breakfast he calls me to tell me that the Minister wants me to go on a date with his son so we can get to know each other.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to, I’ll just call him and tell him.
Doesn’t matter “my Dad mumbles taking out his phone.
“No no don’t, I’ll go since it’s just a date” I stop him.
“Are you sure, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I understand ”
“No problem Dad. It’s just a date and besides its been long since I went to one. ” I tell him. Even though, I really don’t want to, but for my Dad he needs my help right now and I’m gonna help me no matter what it takes.
“Let me go get dress ” I tell him and walk to my room.
Came back an hour later when a maid informed me that my date is here.
I just have to be home before Adrian will be around, I don’t need him to know about this date and hopefully Dad won’t say anything to him either.
I finally came face to face with a very handsome boy who I guess is that minister’s son.

“Hi I’m Jordan “the boy who I think will be the same age as me or maybe a year older smile at me with his hand out for a shake.
I took his hand with a big smile “I’m Gemma”
“I know, father told me a lot about you, it’s nice to finally meet you “he grin showing his set of white teeth.
“Same here ”
“So are you ready for the date? ” he cock his brow and I nod.
I turn to Dad who has been watching us “Bye Dad ”
“We are leaving ” Jordan also say.
“okay, you two be careful. Jordan please take care of her ” my Dad answer.
“Sure Mr villers ”
“Let’s go ” he took my hands leading me out.
He open the car door for me and I got in muttering a thank you. He also enter the driver’s seat and start driving to God knows where.
Oh I haven’t told you how he looks like. Well Jordan is handsome but he’s no where close to Adrian. He has this boyish look, black hair, brown eyes and full lips.
“Are you checking me out?” I heard him say and I turn my face away.
“It’s okay to check me out. I got that a lot from girls and it’s no longer a big deal anymore its just that for a beautiful girl like you to check
me out is charming “he laughs.
‘What’s so funny’ I thought.
I just smile in response.
He finally parked in front of a fancy restaurant. Well I didn’t expect less.
I was about opening the door myself but he was quick to do it first.
“Don’t worry my lady, I got this door ” he jokes.
We both walk in to the restaurant and a security guard led us in.
We both sit down and they gave us the menu.
I was still looking for what to order in the menu. I look up to see Jordan staring at me.
“Have you seen what to order yet? ? “he smiles.
I raise my eyebrows, then nod.
He calls the waiter and he took our order.
Seconds later our food was brought by a girl.
I start eating and he does too.
“So Gemma, tell me about yourself “he ask looking at me.
I clear my throat and drink bit of water.
“Well, my name is Gemma, I’m 19 years old. My best color is pink. What more do you wanna know ”
“Are you single or taken? ” he smirks.
“I.. Well I don’t know ” I scratch the back of my head.
“What do you mean you don’t know ” he stops eating and focus on me.
“I mean, I’m not single ”
“So you’re in a relationship then ”
“Yes “I answer him.
He didn’t say anything else about it but changed the subject.
I realize Jordan is one talkative, he ask a lot of question and talk non stop and he’s also a funny guy.
Minutes later, he parked in front of my house and came to open the door for me.
“So… I had a great time ” I say truthfully.
“I’m glad you did. ” he grins.
“I guess we are friends now, or maybe more later on ” he winks.
Maybe more? Boy don’t go there!
“Bye ” I say turning to leave.
“Hey ” he grab me wrist pulling me back and then he kiss me. I didn’t hesitate in pushing me off him.
“What do you think you are doing ” I yell.
“Ah.. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’ll be angry” he smirks and I gave him a deadly glare.
“Gemma ” I hear Adrian’s voice.
We both turn to the direction of the voice. My eyes widened seeing Adrian standing in front of us looking so furious, his hands is already in a fist.
I quickly move away from Jordan. “Ad..rian ” I stutter.
“Who is he? ” Jordan ask.
What the fvck is he still doing here.
“It’s none of your business, leave! ” I snap.
He look from me to Adrian, then shrug and walk to his car. He winks at me and drive out.
I sigh and turn to Adrian.
“Please will you let me explain, I know you got the wrong idea ” I beg.
“What do you want me to think, I saw you kissing him. I thought we agreed that none of us should anyother relationship or affair but you won’t keep to your words. ” he scowl.
“He kissed me! I swear he kissed me Adrian, I never knew he would ” I explain.
“Who is he? And why do you go out with him in the first place. Look at you all dress as if going out on a date…. Wait! It’s actually a date. Goddammit Gemma, you could have told me you don’t want me anymore, you could have told me you want a young and rich guy and I would just fvcking leave you alone. Now look, I mean look at his car it show that he’s rich.. “Adrian rants on.
“Listen Adrian it’s nothing like you think ” I grab his arm.
“Don’t touch me “he growls and I almost cry.
“Remember the dinner with the Minister? That’s his son, he wants his son and I to go out and get to know each other…You know what he said that day ”
“And you said yes ”
“Adrian I can’t say No, you have to understand my Dad needed my help and I can’t say no to him ”
“You are taking this more complicated than it is, it’s just a kiss ”
“A kiss? Wow so are you telling me that you will fvcking like it If I kiss a girl right in front of you. ”
“I’ll be jealous of course, because I like you and I won’t want to ever share you with anybody ” I confess looking at his face for any reaction.
His face softens a little bit at my confessions.
“So you were jealous “I tease with a grin on my face.
“This is for you ” he gave me a
parcel from his bag and walk away leaving me confuse.
But.. I thought we are cool.
I sigh and head inside.
“What was that noise ” my Dad says descending from the stairs.
“What noise? I was just chatting with Jordan” I lied
“Has he gone ” he ask and I nod.
“I take the date was good? ”
“It was, until he kissed me ” I tell Dad.
“What! That’s nonsense. Why will he do that. I should have known he isn’t a responsible guy and I won’t let you go to that date ” dad Retort angrily.
“It’s okay, I already gave him a piece of my mind, he wouldn’t dare to do that next time ”
“There will be no next time, cos you’re not meeting him again “says my overprotective Dad.
I laugh and hug him.
“I love you Daddy and I know you love me too ” I say so that he can let the matter go.
“I will text Adrian to cancel your class today so that you can rest “my Dad says.
He had no idea that Adrian was here few minutes ago.
“Okay “I reply briefly and leave for my room.
What you

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