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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 4

💫Episode 4💫
So we’ve been here for like an thirty minutes. The minister is a nice man though but I’m bored with their talks already.
“You have a beautiful daughter ” the minister had said when dad introduced us.
Dad just laugh. “She took after her mother ”
“Well I could have bring my son along if I know you are coming with your daughter, I mean they can get to know each other cos I like your daughter already and I’m sure my son is going to like her also ” the minister said making me mentally roll my eyes.
What the hell did he mean by that?
I glance at dad expecting him to say something but he didn’t, he cleared his throat and changed the subject.
He also ask Adrian some questions which he answered perfectly causing him to say he likes Adrian too. He should introduce him to his daughter too, hmph.
I let out a low scoff which only Adrian who is sitting beside can hear.
I felt a hand squeeze my tight. I sigh knowing it was Adrian’s.
📱You okay?” he text.
📱Yeah..I’m just boredddd” I reply.
📱Let’s get out of here ” he text.
I look at him cocking my brows in a questioning manner.
He gave a small nod.
📱Meet me outside “he text. I stare at my phone confuse.
“Ahm excuse me, I have to pick this call “Adrian says. And truthfully his phone is ringing and the screen says Mom.
How did he do that. I was still in daze when Dad tap me “Are you alright sweetie? ”
“Is the food not okay enough “the minister chirp in.
“No, no it’s fine, I’m fine I just need to use the restroom “I rasp.
I stand up after getting their approval and head to the woman’s Restroom.
I yelp when a strong and big hand grab mine. “Chillax it’s me “Adrian chuckles.
“Goodness, you scared me ” I sigh.
He mouthed sorry as he pull me along to ladies restroom.
“Do you know where you are going?” I say.
“Of course, since you are bored I thought maybe a quickie can ginger your night ” he smirks.
I actually love to.
“Wait are you saying You want us to have s£x in… ” he cut me off my placing his hands on my mouth.
“Shh keep your voice down “he whispered with a smug smile on his face.
I was the first to enter the restroom seeing that no one is in sight, I signal for Adrian to come in.
“Ha ” I scream when a lady come out from one of the rooms and Adrian rush out.
“I’m sorry.. I.. ” I apologize to the lady
who is now looking at me weirdly she shakes her head walking out.
I place my hands on my chest and heave a sigh of relief.
“Everything okay? “Adrian whispers behind me.
“What do you think? ” I scoff glaring at him.
I open an empty room and we both got in.
“We could have use the men’s room instead” Adrian said as we both undress, not completely.
“You might want to keep your voice down or people hear us and call the security, then boom Dad will know and he will be so angry.” I whisper yell.
“You might want to keep your m0ans down too “he grins causing a laugh from me too.
“Shut up “I smile and kiss him. He reciprocate immediately. The kiss was rough and Adrian didn’t waste much time, he push my back on the wall and thrust into me immediately. This is the second time we will be fvcking and I’m still a little bit tight.
“You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasied doing this with you again after that day. ” he mutters.
Adrian was thrusting in a fast pace making my orgasm build up quickly coupled with his dirty talks.
“You are so beautiful baby ” he had said for the umpteenth time tonight. And that makes me feel good about myself.
We both had release soon and dress up to leave the room.
“I’ll go first “he says. I nod my head and peep out to see if anyone is maybe around.
“Go go go now ” I whisper pushing him out and also running out with him.
“Christ! What is a man doing here “a old woman yells and we both freeze. Adrian rush out of the room before the lady can say anything.
I ignore her stares as I brush my hair and redo my make up making sure I look normal again.
The woman’s voice stopped me as I was about to exit the room.
“Young lady can I talk to you for a minute? “she says.
I turned back to her and nod “okay ”
“You See..”she starts.
Okay! I know she wants to talk about what she saw just now, so I just caught her off.
“If you want to talk about what you saw there, I just want you know that you got the wrong idea we aren’t doing anything. He’s..he’s my boyfriend and he was just worried cos I took long using the bathroom that’s why he’s here ” I lied so that she will get off my back.
I don’t need to hear any sermon rn.
“Just be careful, men are not that trustworthy “she says and I mentally roll my eyes.
“Can I ask you something? Are you married or divorce? ” I ask.
“I’m divorced darling “she sigh.
Aw poor old thing, she had a failed marriage.
“No offence but not every man is like your husband, sorry ex husband so I’ll advice you to stop discouraging young girls just because you had a failed marriage ” I tell her and her countenance changed to a sad one.
“She shakes her head and I roll my eyes walking out of the room.
📱What are you still doing? Your Dad is getting worried and we’re about to leave “📱
I replied Adrian’s text immediately “📱Coming 📱
I quickly head back to our table.
T. B. C
Adrian and Gemma are playing a bad game ehn.
Do you think Gemma should listen to the woman and not trust Adrian.

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