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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 3

“Gemma are you there? ” came my dad’s voice.
Jumping off Adrian’s lap, I quickly grab my clothes wearing them while Adrian was muttering some curse “Shit shit shit ” he quickly wear his shirt.
“Gemma ” dad calls again knocking.
I grab my laptop open it and sit down on the chair, I
Adrian to do the same as I opened a movie.
The knock came again. “Who is it ?” I yell feigning ignorance that he’s being knocking .
“It’s your dad ” he replies.
“Oh dad come in the door isn’t lock ” I say and the door opened.
“We were engross in the movie, I didn’t realize you were knocking ” I say as soon as he
entered. He heave a sigh of relief glancing at laptop.
“I thought something happened when I came in and the house is silent ” he says. Adrian pause the movie and stands up.
“Since you are here now, I should leave ” he stands up.
My dad was about to reply but I cut him off “But..we haven’t finish the movie ”
Adrian gave me the “Are you crazy ” look before shaking his head with a light smile.
“We will continue some other day, it’s late already ”
“It’s okay Adrian, thanks for staying ” My Dad says. Adrian left and I turn to Dad.
“So Ahm you’re back early?”
“Yeah, he cancelled it in the dime minutes ” he sigh.
“That’s too bad, are you still meeting? ”
“Yeah, tomorrow dinner and I actually thought of going with you and maybe Adrian instead of going alone, you know A student and a teacher. That might get him impressed and he might just decide to help ”
My Dad is planning to establish a university,lets say he already built it, but he needs sponsors or someone to also be a shareholder and also he needs the minister to approve it. That’s why he’s being trying to talk to him, but the man just cancel meetings as he wishes.
“Well, I think that’s great ” I say. As much as I don’t want to go to that boring dinner or lunch or whatever it is, I have to cuz its what is gonna make my dad happy.

The next day, I got ready for the dinner. I was just putting a simple and short blue gown. It’s decent and I love how fit it is on my body. I let my hair down and put on a little make up. Just a nude lipstick and mascara. Apply some concealer and blush.
Then walk out of my room, as I approached the stairs I sight Adrian talking to Dad and a huge smile find its way to my lips.
None of them has noticed me until they heard the sound of my heels hitting the floor as I walk to them.
Adrian eyes lit up when he sees me, his smile turn to a smirk and he winks at me without my Dad noticing.
“You look beautiful dear, not wonder you too so long to get ready ” my Dad
says when I got to where they are.
I giggle adjusting my bag on my shoulder, I can feel Adrian eyes gaze on me.
I glance at him and smile ” HI Mr Gonzalez ”
He return the greeting we a nod “You look great ”
I almost jump on him immediately he said that and kiss him hard, but I had to restrain myself. Dad is here.
I hide my blush by walking ahead to the car.
They join me very soon and the driver drove away. Dad and Adrian are majorly the ones talking, I just kept quiet staring outside.
I heard my Dad asking Adrian if he already apply for his Ph.D program and Adrian answered yes. “So in a year, you’ll be a doctor and also a professor ” my Dad and Adrian chuckles.
So, that’s what he meant by I don’t have what it takes to be a lecturer in a college. He wants to further his education. Well that’s good, but that means he’s leaving soon.
“Gem are you okay ” Adrian voice broke me out of my reverie. Did I forget to mention that’s he’s sitting right next to me.
“Yeah, why do you ask ”
“Cos I heard you sigh ” he shrug and looked away. I glance at my Dad he talking to someone on phone.
I glance at Adrian, checking him out. My phone ding indicating that I have a message.
I open the text from an unknown number.
📱”Your stares is killing me babe, want Daddy to find out what we have been keeping “📱
Adrian. Oh my God. How did he get my number. I smile and reply.
📱I don’t mind 📱
📱Are you sure? And Did I tell you, you look gorgeous tonight?” 📱he text.
I was about to reply when the driver announced that we are here.
What you

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