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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 2

💫Episode 2💫
Getting home, I took a shower and of course didn’t forget to take my pills. The house is quiet probably the maids are in their quarter resting.
I head downstairs, feel bored I decide to watch TV. I look for some fashion show to watch.
Minutes later, I off the TV and head to the kitchen to see what was prepared. I hiss when I saw it wasn’t the food I feel like eating right now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cook so I call the maids quarter and someone came to make it for me.
I sit down in the living room waiting for the food to get be ready.
I smile when I remember, what happened between me and Adrian few hours ago.
Well, loosing my virginity isn’t a big deal for me, the big deal is who I loose it to. And I don’t know why but I’ve had it in my mind ever since he came that if there’s any chance at all, I want him to take my virginity. Probably because I had a crush on him then, but now I don’t need a soothsayer or anyone to tell me what I feel for him is more than crush.
Is it about my heart flipping anytime he looks at me?, or the butterflies in my stomach whenever he smiles at me or tell nice things. God! I don’t know how he manage to make me feel this way. I’m so smitten by him.
I like the feeling he gives me, it’s new and it’s wonderful.
As I was having lunch the front door open and Dad enters.
“Hey Dad ” I greets with a wide smile.
“Oh Gemma, I was worried. Adrian said you have a fever ”
“Yeah, but I’m fine now. I took drug and also had a cold bath and it helped. ” I lied, it isn’t all that false though cos I took a bath and drug just that the drug isn’t meant for fever and so it’s half truth.
“Thank God, but you could have went to the School clinic instead ” he pressed on.
“Well I don’t wanna go there, I hate going to hospitals, you know it ” I say and he laughs.
“You still haven’t changed “he pats my shoulder and begin to walk upstairs.
I sigh as soon as he left and continue with my food.
Adrian should be here soon. I checked my outfit, if I needed to change. I was just wearing a black leggings with a yellow tank top.
I scrunch my face as I thought that it isn’t s£xy enough. Maybe I should wear something revealing, that would make him drool when he sees me. I need him to like me too or is it wrong that I’m thinking about this.
My thoughts was disrupted when my dad came down in another outfit, he look like he’s going to a business dinner or something.
“Where you off too? “I ask.
“Hm, remember the meeting with the minister of education I told you about?” he says buttoning up his shirt, I decided to help him so I stand up and help him button his shirt.
It makes me remember
those days Mom will help him dress up whenever he’s going to work, they end up smiling at each other and kiss. I miss mom a lot.
“oh the dinner invite you told me abouttt..” I trail off.
He nods and kiss my cheek “I might come back late, take care of yourself ” he says and start heading out.
“Oh Adrian you’re here ” I heard him say and my head snap to the living where they are.
“I came to check how she’s doing “Adrian says referring to me.
“She’s fine, she’s just a lazy girl and since you’re here, help me stay a little longer if you don’t mind cos I’m gonna be home late I don’t want her to be alone in the mansion ” My Dad say causing my heart to dance.
“Oh my gosh ” I almost screamed in delight.
“No problem, I’ll stay ” Adrian replies and Dad finally walk out.
I pretend to be engross in my food as I feel Adrian walking to me.
“Hey ” he says and I turn to look at him as he grabs a chair sitting down.
“Hi ” I replied smiling sheepishly.
“What are you smiling at ?” he raise an eyebrow.
“You ” I grin and he laughs.
“So, I’m your babysitter tonight “he says making me frown.
“Okay, I love the idea of you staying till night but you defining it as babysitting me, nope ” I scoff and he smirk.
“Stop giving me that look ” I glare at him throwing my fork at him but he dodge it.
“You know, after what we did, I feel guilty to stand in front of your dad “he says standing up and walking to me.
“Huh? Why? ”
“Don’t you feel that way too, I mean.. You know what never mind ” he shrug it off as he grab my wrist.
“Let’s get away from here..” he stare down at my lips “I’m dying to kiss you right now ” he whisper and my heart did some flip flops and pump pump.
My eyes fell on his lips and I inhaled sharply. What are you doing to me Adrian.
“Where are the only ones in the house ” I told him eager to kiss him. I move my head closer but he stop me.
“No, someone might just walk in us ” he says staring intently at me.
Even our position right now is dangerous if someone just walk in.
I grab his arm and led him to my room. Immediately as I close the door behind me, Adrian push me against the door and starts kissing me aggressively, pinning my hands above my head.
I m0an as he bits my lower lip pushing his body closer, I could feel his crouch. He released my hand and took off my tank top leaving me [email protected] since I wasn’t wearing a bra.
He stares at my pink small b00bs and kiss the tip. I hold back a m0an but I couldn’t hold it anymore when his thump caress it.
“Adrian ” I m0an. That seems to arouse him as I hear him groan. I send my hand to the tip of his shirt and pull it up, he raise his hand upwards so that I can get the shirt off.
He then start pulling us towards the bed, kissing my neck. I’m sure I’ve gotten a whole lot of hickeys again. I wonder if Camille doesn’t notice cos she never ask me who gave them which is so unlike her.
I break out of
my reverie when Adrian start to pull down my leggings removing it and throw it across the room, followed by my pants.
He pushes my leg open, he lower his head between my legs, I could feel his hot breath fanning my sensitive part making my adrenaline rush. The next thing I knew, his tongue flipping over my folds as he keeps his hand on my waist.
Oh… Ahh.. Uhhh ” I m0an my leg swingling. I feel like I’m melting.
He slips his finger in me not removing his tongue causing me to let out a loud m0an. At this minute, I did not care about anyone hearing. He increase the pace of his fingers at the same time his hot tongue lacing my folds. I arch my back from the bed feeling a strong wave of sensation build up inside me. I came undone in a nanosecond breathing heavily.
Adrian came up and kiss my lips. I smirk and flip us over, me on top.
Adrian look Suprise but didn’t say anything just watching me. I sit on his lap, as my hand find its way to the Zipper of his trousers. Just as I zip down his trousers a voice came from the door.
“Gemma are you there? ” came my dad’s voice.
Jumping off Adrian’s lap, I quickly grab my clothes wearing them while Adrian was muttering some curse “Shit shit shit ” he quickly wear his shirt.
“Gemma ” dad calls again knocking.
T. B. C
Aren’t they adorable 😂
Okay that will be the last Smut scenes I’m gonna write for this book, it’s spoiling me ha 😭😛

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