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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 13 [Completed]

I rush out of the kitchen to get the door. It must be Jesse and his father. I clean my w€t hands on my cloth then open the door.
“Hi “a girl grins at me with a wave.
I raise my eyebrows scanning her up and down. She’s wearing a short trouser and a tank top. She had no make up on and has freckles on around her nose region. She’s cute.
“Who are you? ”
“Oh my name is Ariel and I’m here to see my lecturer Mr Gonzalez “she smiles.
“And why do you wanna see him? ” I ask and she looked annoyed.
“I was ask to give this to him “she points to the file in her hand.
“Give it to me ” I say.
“Why and who are you? ”
Oh the bitch doesn’t get it.
“Give it to him or you leave ”
“I was
ask to give it to Mr Gonzalez not his sister “she says and I grit my teeth angrily.
I hate it when people think I’m his sister not wife. I don’t understand why I did’nt get taller and why I still look 20 when I’m 25.
I decided to play along.
“So you like my brother? ” I ask. The question make me remember Amelia who just went back to School yesterday. She spent her summer vacation here. She’s probably in her final year in highschool.
“I like him so much, your brother is hot. It’s just a pity he doesn’t even look at me that way ” she squeak.
“Does he look that way at other students? ”
“No, I don’t think so “she reply and I sigh.
“Listen chick, Adrian is married and I’m his wife, he has a son and there another one in here too “I points to my stomach.
“I…have no idea he’s married “she stutter.
“He is and do me a favor girl. Spread the news. Let all the chicks in your School know that my husband is a no go area. ” I tell her and she nods.
“Now give me that and fvck off ” I say.
She gives me the file. “You’re really lucky “she mutters before walking away.
I scoff as I close the door. I grab my phone and dial Adrian’s number immediately.
“My lov…” I cut off.
“Where are you Adrian! ”
“You know I’m at work, is everything alright? ”
“Aren’t you done working.? You should be home by now ”
“I want you home now!! ” I yell.
“Babe.. ”
“No objections and pick up Jesse from School ” I demand.
“Hormones ” I heard him mutter and a laugh which is not his followed.
“I can still hear you and who are you with? ”
“Rory, you know him right ?”
“Whatever tell him I said hi and start coming “I roll my eyes and hang up.
Few minutes later, the front door open and Jesse my 2 year old son run in. His father follows , he was carrying his bag with Jesse’s lunch bag and back bag.
“Jesse you could help your Dad with those bags ” I tell Jesse who is busy with the cookies I placed on the dinning for him.
“Don’t worry babe, I can manage ” he
drop the bags on the couch and move to kiss me.
I break the kiss and grab the bags.
“I can take them, don’t stress yourself “he collected them from me but I didn’t release the lunch bag instead I took it to the kitchen so that I can wash Jesse’s food flask and cutlery.
“Why do want me home so urgently “Adrian ask as he help me rinse them.
“You left your pregnant wife all alone in the house and you’re asking me that? ”
“I’m so sorry my love” he bends to kiss my stomach.
“Won’t you kiss me too ” I pout.
He laughs and kiss me passionately. I drop what I’m doing and drop my hands over his shoulders deepinng the kiss.
“Eww “Jesse’s tiny voice make us break apart.
I turn to look at Jesse who cover his eyes with his tiny hands.
“You can open your eyes now kiddo “Adrian says as he packs back his lunch bag.
Jesse open his eyes and stare at me and his father. Then his green eyes stay on mine.
“Mommy I wam muore “you could barely hear what he’s saying.
He wants more cookies.
“You can not get any more cookies today. You’ve had enough “Adrian says.
My son is about to cry.
“Don’t mind your Dad, you’ll get more cookies just go up to your room and remove your uniform put on some fresh clothes and come back for more ”
“Okay “he says and he was gone. I shake my head and laugh.
“He’s gonna get tired of eating it later on cos it’s getting too much “Adrian complains.
Adrian even though he looks older than before and added a little weight is still the handsome guy and a heartthrob I met years back. And Jesse is just like his father. Handsome and caring even though he’s still young.
He’s a strict father, always there to scold his son if he does anything wrong.
I had my daughter five months later and we name her Jessica. Jessica doesn’t really look like me he has much of dad’s look than we her parents. That’s why she’s grandpa’s girl. She always rub this on her brother any chance she gets just to cause a fight.
Well I don’t think I want to have more children. Jesse and Jessica’s troubles is enough to take life out of you. But what can we do.
I’m really grateful to God for everything I have and everyone in my life. Having a relationship with Adrian is what I had Least Expected but look at us now, we are married with wonderful and beautiful kids.
Hope you enjoyed my story. It was nice sharing it with you guys.
The Gonzalezs’ loves you all ❤
The End.
Thank you all for reading.
I need your feedback in the comment box. Do you like how things later turn up. What is it you don’t like about the story. ??

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