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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 11

“Are you sure you made this? ” Adrian was perplexed as he eats the food I prepared. I had ask him to come over, so that I’ll just show him I can cook now.
“What made you learn? Me? ” he held his signature smug smile on as he looked at me.
“You wish ” I sneer as I grab a fork and eat with him in the same plate.
“Well thanks for cooking for me. That’s romantic of you “he grins.
I shake my head not able to keep a smile that forms of my face.
I can feel the eyes of the head maid on us but I just ignore it. I don’t think she knows something is going on between Adrian and I cos we don’t act lovey dovey in
public or do we? Fuck we are just doing that now.
I drop my fork immediately and let out a fake cough.
“Take, drink some water “Adrian was fast to pass me water as he stares at me worriedly.
“Don’t worry I’m fine” I tell him my eyes focus on the head maid who is now coming towards our direction. Adrian trace my eyes and turn back.
“I hope what I’m thinking is not true, if it is I’ll suggest you hide it from your father or end it now “she says and walk away.
My shaking hand grab the glass of water in front of me tightening my hand around it. I place the cup on my lips and drown the water in. I drop the glass before running up to my room.
I was sure Adrian followed me so I let the door opened. I started pacing around, my heart was beating really fast as if I’m scared of something.
Immediately Adrian entered I began my outburst ” I’m scared.. What if Dad doesn’t approve of our relationship, what if he took me away from you? I can’t loose you Adrian. I can’t live with you not in my life ”
He grab my shaking hands and pull me in to a hug. I hug him back so tightly like he’s gonna slip away.
“I love you ” I tell him and his body remain still.
He disengage the hug and cup my cheek staring into my eyes. “What did you say ?”
“I said I love you ” I say confidently staring back into his eyes.
His lips stretch into a smile. He remove one of his hands on my cheek and place it on my back, then tilt my head and place a kiss on it. He move away but I close the gap between us and kiss him. Our lips danced with each other as we kiss deeply.
We stopped kissing catching back our breath. “I love you more baby ” Adrian smile as the stuck the strand of hair hanging on my face behind my ear.
I sigh as I play with the button of his shirt.
“Don’t you think we should tell dad? If he finds out himself it’s not gonna be easy ”
“We will soon, don’t worry about anything “he assures.
I nod then rest my head on his chest
as he keeps his hand on my waist.
“When do you intend to tell me hun? ” we both heard dad’s voice behind us. At first I thought I was just imagining things until Adrian release his grip and move away with his eyes wide. His face flushed.
I turn to see dad looking furious. His face, neck and ear are red from anger.
“Dad? ”
“Yes daughter! You don’t expect me to find out right? So that I won’t take you away from him ” he sneered glaring at Adrian. If looks could kill he did be six feet under the ground right now.
“We can explain ” I persuad.
“No! You don’t need to explain cos I understand everything going on here “he says.
“Really? ” I was Suprise at his response. I look at Adrian who shakes his head in disapproval.
“Yes, I understand that I made a great mistake by letting this scumbag get close to my daughter!! “he yells his voice was loud and thunderous.
“It’s not his fault Dad we fell in love ”
He ignores me and proceed to grab Adrian’s shirt then punch his nose making Adrian fall on the floor with a loud moan.
I gasp in fright as dad continues to punch him.
“Dad stop ” I run to him grabbing his hand.
I knew if Adrian wants to fight back he will definitely beat my dad but instead he let himself get beaten up not like ill be happy with him if he fights my dad.
“Dad you should punish me not him ” I say tear building up in my eyes. He stop and look at me.
“Do you think I won’t punish you? “he scoff.
“Then stop beating him please ”
“Why your teacher? Gemma “his emotion reads disbelief and dissapointment. He pants heavily.
“It’s not my fault ” I cried.
“Whose fault? His for being a pedophile who dates younger girls “he points to Adrian.
Okay that fucking hurts.
“He’s only five years older than me ”
He continues “Or mine for not being a good and observing father ”
“No dad you are a good father ” I shake my head trying to hold him.
I step away and look at Adrian.
“Get the fuck outta my house and my daughter’s life ” the first I heard Dad swear.
Adrian manage to stand up and I tried to help. “Don’t you dare move an inch from where you are Gemma fucking villers “he roar.
“He’s badly hurt”
“Don’t worry about me Gemma. I’m so sorry Mr villers I didn’t mean to… “Adrian tries to say but dad interrupt him. “Get out!!! ”
After Adrien left, I turn to Dad.
“What the fuck was that for hun? Can’t I make decisions for myself anymore. Do you fucking understand that I’m no more kid and I have the right to choose any man of my choice not you to choose for me!!” I lash out.
Dad send a slap across my face.
“I’m still your father remember and you’re my daughter. I tell you what to do and not do ”
“That’s not true. You don’t own me! “I retort.
“Do you even think of what people will say?”
I scoff ” When do you even start caring about what people say, cos I don’t bloody care about what people think. I love Adrian.”
“You’re crazy, that boy has driven you crazy. I gotta stop this before it gets out of hand ”
“Listen if you think you’re gonna take the same route as your mother. I won’t let you “he says making me confuse.
“What happened to my mother? ” I demanded.
“Just stay in here and don’t you dare come out “he says and storm away.
I quickly pick up my phone and dial Adrian’s number.
He wasn’t picking. Fuck Dad for this!
Later In the night I was able to reach him and I’m glad he’s okay.
I was about going to sleep when my phone screen light up. I pick it up from the bed.
A text from Camile?
I open the text.
>>>Hope you had a sweet breakup? And hope your dad didn’t beat you *laughing emoji *<<< What the actual fuck. Let it not be what I'm thinking. I open the picture attached. It was a picture of Adrian and I kissing and the other was where Adrian hold my wrist smiling. >>>By tomorrow, everyone in School would have seen this <<< I had no idea she followed me that day Adrian confess his feelings to me. I remember we forgot to lock the door, she must have taken the picture then. How can she do this to me. >>>By now, I can leave your life for good. I’m sure you now know how it feels
to be humiliated <<<< I can't believe her. You're going to regret doing this Camile. I didn't go to School the second day. I wonder what must be going on right now. She had truly posted it on the School's site and the comments are really not a good one at that. Thankfully I'm one of the admins so I got it deleted even though many had gotten the picture already. I took a small nap waking up I had gotten many missed calls from Adrian and three text messages. I open the text first. )>>You okay? Pick your calls <<< >>>Okay I guess you’re busy <((( >>>I just wanna tell you I resigned, call me when you’re less busy <<< What? He resigned. I dial his number and he picked on the first ring. "I've been waiting for your call since forever " "Sorry, I was sleeping " "That's okay " "Why do you resign? " "It's pointless working there anymore " "What happen doesn't mean you should loose your job " "You could have seen the look everyone gave me today, I can deal with that.. But your dad is mad at me and he's gonna fire me anyway." "Dad won't fire you Adrian. He loves you he's just angry " "You think so?" "Yeah, how did he take it " "He's still piss off. He gave silent treatment. It hurts " "I'm sorry " I apologize. "You have nothing to be sorry about, I don't regret being with you even if the world thinks we are idiots "he laughs. "So how will you manage without a job? " "I've save enough for my study, remember the time I told you I don't have what it takes to be a lecturer in college? " "Of course I remember " I smile. "I was talking about furthering my education. If I get the job after that, the pay is better than this and i can take care of us and our children " he says. How can he talk about children when we have not gotten out of this mess. "Why are you quiet? " he ask. "Oh okay, I won't talk about children anymore. Let's talk about how we gonna solve our problems. But I really want kids with you " I blush. "Adrian you do realize I'm still in highschool and I intend on going to college so I can't give you child now " "I know, I'm willing to wait till whenever you're ready " he says and my heart flustered. I'm just so lucky to have him. He's a good man. I wish dad can see what I see in him.

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