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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – Episode 10

I wish School wouldn’t start today, but too bad it will. I woke up late, really late and here I am trying to get to School as soon as possible. I’m pretty sure I missed a class already.
“You’re late, anyways Happy new year “Cam says as I sit beside her for history class.
I smile and pull her into a hug “Same here B” I say and ruffle her hair.
“Come on stop ” she hits me on my shoulder smiling.
I look around the class and greet those beside me, then my eyes went to Angel’s seat.
“What’s wrong with Angel today? She look sick ” I ask Camile.
“Well, I heard her foster Dad died on new year’s eve ”
“Oh my God ” I gasp.
Camile shrug and bring out a chocolate bar from her bag. She remove one and start eating.
“Won’t you offer
me ” I raise an eyebrow looking at her.
“Suit yourself ” she says.
I glare at her and snatch the chocolate from her.
During lunch I went over to Angel’s. She look Suprise to see me here so I quickly speak up “I’m not here to cause a fight ”
She heave a sigh of relief. “So what are you here for? ”
“I heard what happened.. ”
“Okay you can go “she cut me off arrogantly but I continue anyway.
“I’m sorry about your Dad please accept my condolences ” I Suprise the people looking at us by hugging her even if she didn’t hug me back.
“I’ll go see your mom at home after School “I disengage myself from her.
“That’s what I’m here for ” I smile. I take a look at her friends who are staring maybe trying to figure out what I’m up to.
She was still in daze when I turn to go “Gemma!” I heard Angel call my name and I stop walking.
“Uh ” I answer turning to her.
“Thank you and I’ll be expecting you “she smiles.
I nod at her and walk back to my seat.
“What were doing with Angel ” Camille ask.
“To pay my condolence “I reply her as I start to eat my spaghetti.
“Why? I thought you are not in talking terms ”
“Well, things change ” I shrug.
“Yeah right, just you like you’ve changed “she scoff.
I stop eating and stare at her.
“I don’t understand you anymore Gemma, I don’t know you. You hide things from me and you even…. ”
“Wait,,,wait.. Stop ” I cut her off. “You said I hide things from you? ”
“Obviously “she replies.
“I think you should refer that statement to you Camille. If someone ask me to say something about you as your bestfriend, the only I can say is that your name is Camile Brown and your fav colour is Red!. Nothing else cos I don’t anything else about you, so tell me who keeps secret ”
“Don’t try to change the fact that you’re acting so unlike you ”
“That’s because I started mingling myself with better people. People who add good things to my life, people that gives me advice people that don’t compliment me whenever I do something bad but they scold me and mend me to be a better person. And those people are the type that I want to keep in my life not some fake friends”
“Fine! I guess you want me out of your life right? I’ll leave. But don’t think I’ll leave easily ” she stands up.
I shake my head as I watch her leave. I glance at Angel’s direction and caught her staring. I force a smile which she returned and look away.
After School, I fulfilled my promise to Angel. Her mom was happy to see me, so was Angel. She said she didn’t expect me to come. Well I did.
I drop myself on the couch tired.
“Some water ” someone says and I already know it’s Brenda. I open my eyes and collect the cup of water.
“Thank you ”
“You’re welcome ”
“Hey Gemma food is ready ” Ruth says from the dinning.
“I’m not hungry but I’ll eat a little “I smile at her and pull out a chair, sit my butt down and dish my food out.
“Aren’t you guys gonna eat ” I ask the ten of them who are gisting in the kitchen. We have ten maids actually.
“We will when master comes “Ruth replies.
/> “Why? ”
“That’s how we use to do, we eat after you both have eaten ”
“Really? Well then let’s eat together today ” I stand up and walk to the kitchen.
“Come on you guys let’s go. It’s an order ” I say knowing they will decline.
“Okay guys let’s go ”
I smile and walk back to the dinning room they join me and we starts eating.
Soon Dad came and the maids stand up but dad actually ask them to seat back and continue eating. He gave me a thumbs up and I grin.
He get his food himself and took it upstairs to his room.
T. B. C
So guys two more episodes to go.

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