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What You Least Expect – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 13]

What You Least Expect 

What You Least Expect 

💫Episode 1💫
I nervously wait for him as he closes the door. He walk back to where I stand and scoop me up making me sit on the desk. I rest my hand on his shoulders, my heart racing as I watch him zip down his trousers after then he pull my skirt up. I raise my butt a little as he remove my pants too.
I remove my shirt while he help me unclasps my bra. He starts kissing down my chest, going down to the hollow of my [email protected], to my belly button then back up. He then take one of my already hard n!poles in his mouth sucking making all the nervousness and fear I was feeling wash away replacing it
with lust and desire.
His hands reach my other [email protected] playing with it.
“Oh my.. “I m0an arching my back causing him to do it more fiercely. I feel his other move down between my legs. He insert in a finger making me squirm, I grab his arm looking at him not knowing whether to tell him to stop or continue.
He look back at me and sigh. He move his head closer and kiss me, I respond back m0aning into his mouth, it was then I realized he was fingering me. I could feel something building up in me.
“fvck ” I scream out in pleasure when he bite my n!poles. I slam my hands on my lips realizing what I just did. We are still in School and thank God his office is a building on its own, it isn’t attached to any building so no one will hear me but still someone might be passing by.
“I don’t have a c****m. Make sure you use your pill after this ” Adrian says as he release my [email protected] still fingering me.
I nod with my eyes closed feeling my orgasm. “I think I’m cvmming.. Shit ” I m0an causing him to thrust his hard manhood in me almost immediately.
I yelp him pain as he thrusts in slowly, coating himself in to my w€tness. I grab his hair hard, digging my finger on his back to make the pain stop yet it didn’t and neither did he stop thrusting in.
“You’re..*thrust *so.. *thrust *tight Ahh* ” he m0ans.
I feel a liquid like thing drip down my cl!t and my heart flip. Oh God, blood.
Why did I not think about this!
I m0an as he increase his pace, the pain finally leaving.
“I’m cvmming inside you baby “Adrian announced his thrust getting harder. I was trying my best not to m0an loudly as my leg shook and my eyes turn.
“My God ” I m0an.
“Look at me while you cvm Gemma “Adrian demands, I answer him looking into his eyes as I had my orgasm. After few thrust Adrian also release inside me.
He wears back his clothes while I just sit there numb and breathing heavily.
“You should..ahm dress up “he says when he saw that I wasn’t getting up. His eyes widened when he saw blood on my tight.
“Oh my goodness! Are
you virgin? “he almost yell.
“We just have s£x and you didn’t know? ”
“I swear to you Gemma, I have no idea you were a virgin. No wonder you are so tight. Damn! “he smiles.
“Come here let me clean you up “he carry me up in a bridal style and place me on a chair.
A blush creep on my cheek as I watch him bring out a wipe from his drawer.
“Spread your legs ” he says.
“What, I can’t ” I say feeling shy.
“Why? Cos I haven’t see it before? Come on I just saw it few minutes ago “he smirks.
“You don’t have to be dirty, gosh ” I roll my eyes trying not to show my smile.
“Come on “he urge and I open my legs for him. He wipes the blood from my tight.
“You need to go home to take a shower Gemma and use your pill ”
“I’m always on pill but I’ll definitely use it when I get home”
“Thankfully, your clothes ain’t stained. I’ll tell your dad you have a fever and come see you later after School “he says.
“Okay ” I smile and wear my clothes while he just watch me.
“Bye ” I move to him and we both shared a kiss. I grin and walk out of his office heading home.
What you

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