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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 7

💫Episode 7💫
“Hey ” someone hug me from behind.
“Cam? ” I turn around.
“OMG Cam you came ” I squeaked as I pull the Brunnete into a tight hug.
“I miss you ”
“I miss you too, what the hell happened ”
“I was sick, but now I’m fine ”
“You should have told me about it ” I said.
“It doesn’t matter Gem. I’m fine now ” she smiled.
“So tell me it’s not true ” she added.
“What? ”
“You and Brandon are back together, I saw your pictures on the schools blog ”
“Yeah, what do you think? I’m dating him for revenge of course ” I reply.
“Okay, so what’s your plan ” she said.
“Just watch me ” I smirk.

“Can you stop laughing ” I roll my eyes.
Camille will not stop laughing after I told her about the private class.
“But seriously, If I were you I’ll be so happy cos I get to talk to Mr hottie every day ” she smiles.
“There’s nothing special in talking to him ” I scoff.
“There is ” she replies.
Just then the bell rang indicating lunch break.
“So I guess I’ll see you in the next thirty minutes? ”
“I don’t want to go Camille, that guy is a bully ” I pout.
“Well maybe when you stop being rude to him, he will be nice to you too ” she said.
“It’s useless taking to you ”
“Then what do you want me to do about it ” she ask swaying her hand dramatically.
“Do nothing, I’ll see you ” I reply as I take my book and head to his office.
I open the door slowly and enter. I then saw him standing in front of a shelf, a book in his hand. His back was facing me. I stood rooted on the spot watching him as he flip through the pages of the book. Damn it, this guy is s£xy and well built. In order words, he is perfectly made.
“I think it’s rude checking your teacher out Ms villers ” He said breaking me out my reverie. He turn around, he has a smirk on as he looked at me.
“Good afternoon Mr hot.. Gonzalez ” I greets and breathed out a sigh.
“Same to you too Gemma ” he says amused.
“Have your seat ” he offers. I sat down and bring out my small hand book and pen.
“So, I have to start from the scratch for you cos I’m sure you don’t know anything about literature, do you? No you don’t ”
I clench my fists as I stare at him. I’m trying to stay calm, but he’s pushing my buttons.
“Okay, we’ll start from the definition then the genre and all ” he mutters as he bring a textbook from his drawer.
He starts to explain and I wrote down the ones I think I should write . After 15 minute, he pause and stands up. He walk to the shelf and bring out a book. He walk back to his seat and
sits down.
“Here ” he push the book which i think it’s a novel to me.
I took it.
“Read and summarize it, to be submitted next week Monday. No classes on Friday so you’re free tomorrow and I won’t be available this weekend, you’re free too ” he said.
“Okay ” I answer and drop it in my bag.
We became silent for some minutes and I decide to break the silence , to ask something I have always pondered on.
“Can I ask you a question? ”
“What is it? ” he looks up from his book.
“What are you doing here? ” I ask.
“What do you mean? ”
“Why did you choose this job, and not other good ones that fits a young guy like you ” I ask..
“I love this job, it has been my passions to teach people ”
“Then why not choose a college instead why choose a highschool ”
“Because, I don’t have what it takes to be a teacher in a college yet ”
“Huh? ” I ask.
“I’m not going to tell you that Gemma ” he smiles.
“Well, I promise I won’t tell anyone ”
“We are done here kid ” he stated as he stands up.
Kid? He just call me kid. Asshole. Rude idiot.
“You’re so arrogant ” I huff.
“You’re my Boss ” he replies and we both glare at each other.
He then walk to the door and open it. “Kindly make your way out Miss” he smirks. I stand up in anger.
“And next time, knock before you enter my office ” he adds.
I raise my middle finger at him and walk out of his office.
I was only trying to be nice and start a conversation with him.
T. B. C😂
And Adrian said to Gemma “Comman be going ” 😂😂

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