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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 6

💫 Episode 6💫
(Private class )
I groan when I heard a loud noise beside me, waking me up.
With my eyes closed, I stretch my hand grabbing the alarm clock on my table and throw it away angrily.
I did not even remember setting that damn alarm. I close my eyes trying to get some sleep again, but I couldn’t.
I sit up with my leg cross on each other and place a pillow on my lap staring into space. I’m sure I look like shit rn.
I then pick up phone to check the time, it was 6:05am.
“Why do I have to wake up this early ” I almost cried as I stare at the alarm angrily.
School starts by 7:15, that mean I have
an hour to get ready.
I stood up from my bed and wear my flip flops. I turn on the lights first, then went into my bathroom which is connected to the toilet to ease myself.
After that, I walk into my big closet to pick out my outfit for today. After checking through, I settle down for a blue denim jeans trouser and a white T-shirt with a denim jacket. I pick up my white sneaker from the shoe rack and walk back into my room. I just wanna wear something simple yet classy and s£xy today.
I strip off my clothes and wrap my baby pink towel around my body. The towel was a birthday gift from my dad, last year and it cost more than $700, 000
I took my bath and dress up before going out of my room. I meet my dad at the stairs.
“Good morning Dad” I hug him with a wide smile playing on my lips.
“Good morning little lady, how was your night. Well I guess it was lovely since you are all in a good mood today ” he smiles.
“It was not Dad, the alarm woke up me up early ” I pout.
We both walk to the dinning and took our seat.
“That’s how it should be, sweetheart ”
“Waking up early means, I’ll feel sleepy in School ”
“Trust me you won’t ” he replies as he dish out the food himself.
He look at me.
“What are you waiting for? Start eating”
“Won’t you dish out my food ” I turn to a maid.
He was about to, when Dad stop him.
“No, do it yourself. They already prepared the food. They are not to serve it to us again when we can ourselves, they are not slaves”
“But you are paying them, that’s their Job and I believe that no matter how small your job is, do it well. ”
“That’s true, but then we should have human conscience. The fact that we pay them to work for us does not mean we should use them like slave. What if you are in the same condition one day ” he explains.
“God forbid, that would never happen ” I say as I dish out my food. Today’s breakfast is poached eggs and bacon sandwich with hot tea.
We finish our breakfast. I pick up
my Retro plaid back pack, my car keys and head out.
I was about entering my car when dad walk up to me.
“I’m going with you ” he said as he open the front door and seat. I also did.
“What happened to your car? ” I ask.
“It broke down yesterday and it’s in the repair shop ”
“But you have more than one, what about these ones in the garage ”
“I don’t want to ” he sigh.
I roll my eyes.
Seriously, I don’t understand Dad. He has a lot of expensive cars in his garage but he chose one Low class and ugly looking car instead. According to him, he doesn’t like showing off.
“So, are you enjoying literature class now or it still make you feel sick “my Dad breaks the silence.
“Not really, I guess it was just Mr Burt that makes me sick” I laugh.
“Adrian is good, he does teach well ”
“Yeah ” I nod.
Wait! I just admit to Dad that Mr hottie is good.
fvck! That wasn’t planned, but that is the truth.
I scoff as I pack my car. I’m now a nerd that comes to School early. As expected early birds (Nerds) are in School reading. And I guess they are all Suprise seeing me early, the way they are staring at me like I suddenly grow horns. I check my wrist watch. 7’o clock.
After two classes, I still haven’t seen Camille. This girl. What the hell happened to her. She’s making me feel lonely.
I sit on the stairs that lead to my next class and sigh.
“Gemma, your Dad needs your attention “A female teacher inform me.
“Okay ” I say and stand up heading to his office.
I open the door without knocking.
“You called me Dad ” I say with a bored tone and seats down in front of him.
It was then I noticed, I wasn’t the only one present in the room. But with my Dad and Adrian, Mr hottie.
I stare at both of them confused.
“Dad? ” I call.
“I wanna tell you something ” he answers.
“That involves him being here? ” I ask pointing to Adrian with my eyebrow raise.
“Yes, it involves you two ”
“I’m listening ”
“I checked your test results and it was great. I’m impressed and happy and in order to get me more impress and happy you have to do what I say right now ”
“Anything for you dad, but nothing for you if it’s not to my comfort zone ” I reply. I heard Adrian scoff and I turn to him with a glare.
“Let me believe your first sentence, anything for me ” my Dad smiles.
I roll my eyes.
“From now on Gemma, you will be taking private class from Mr Gonzalez here and the time will be lunch break during weekdays and weekends at home” he said.
“Wait! What? ” I almost yell.
“I know it won’t be easy for you, but you have to manage, your grades are poor ”
I stand up.
“Of course it won’t be easy for me and who says I can’t read on my own ”
“Adrian should be the one complaining because I’m giving him another stress apart from his real job, not you, so Gemma sit down!” my dad yells.
“Sit down Gemma ,now! ” he repeats.
“I am not done talking ” he added.
I gave Adrian, who was just silent staring at us a hard stare before sitting down.
“Failure to attend the class, or you miss a day you will be grounded ” he continues.
“Understood? ” he ask staring at me.
God knows I can break down any minute from now. How can Daddy do that to me. Now I have to be with that jerk almost every time and I won’t be able to hang out with my friends anymore.
“Answer me young lady ”
“I’ll think about it Dad ” I reply, stands up and walk out of his office.
Authoress Lynne ®

Lunch time.
“Gemma, I’ve been looking for you all over the school” Brandon appears in front of me as I was heading to the School garden.
“Well, now you’ve seen me ” I answered him.
“You’re heading to the cafeteria right? Then let’s go together. Sit down with me ” he said as he grab my hand.
I look down at our hand then back to him.
“I don’t want to seat with those stupid friends of yours ”
“Okay then, we’ll seat somewhere else ” he smiles.
This is going to be my last visit to cafeteria until the so called ‘private class ‘ ends. So I have to make it
memorable especially for Angel and my haters.
I smirk. “Let’s go ” I tell him and hold his hand more tighter.
Those that saw us holding hands are so Suprise as they stare at us with wide eyes.
And that’s what I’m talking about. Back to the limelight girlllll. Hoo hoo.

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